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MayLynne is an Intuitive Transformational Life Coach, Energy Healer, Clairvoyant Reader, Vocal Channel, Spiritual Teacher/Awakener, and Medium. Highly empathic, she has natural abilities of receiving information by Claircognizance (inner knowing), Clairvoyance (visions/sight), and Clairaudience (hearing).

MayLynne works from her heart center creating a sacred space with her Spirit council of Higher Self, Lemurian high vibrational beings, and Tako, an American Indian Medicine Spirit – channeling her healing through song. Her passion is to work as a spiritual coach unlocking unhealthy patterns linked to childhood, relationship and past life patterns, bringing forth timeless healings in truth, clarity, healthy boundaries and empowerment to your soul journey in the embodiment of love and compassion.

Healing your body, mind and soul…timelessly

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Experience a channeled vibrational healing with the powerful healing song of Tako, an American Indian Medicine Woman.

Recent posts


Imagine Imagine if around the world, all the focus on the fear of the virus, was transmuted into illuminated light, healing and love into each soul, the animals, and the Earth. What a wondrous world that would be. Of course, our world is in a significant dynamic at...

May You Know

May you know the touch of kindness May you know that truth seeks you May you know that warmth still can touch you in the deepness of the cave May you know that the sun shines above the ceiling that is over your head May you know that you have the power to open the...

Uplifting and Practical Ways to Move Through This Time with A Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

Understandably all of us will experience waves of fear, anxiety, and frustration during this time, even if we are approaching this experience with positivity, light and love. It is part of the human experience. As no one intended a world pandemic, each of us...

The Old Must Die To Bring In The New

Dreams and visions for me have always been more of a symbolic/figurative nature, over literal. The timing of when the prophetic dreams will come true is something I have had to learn to detach from. Some happening the next day, the next week, several months, or years...

The Opportunity We Are Being Given To Heal

Lovely Souls, I wanted to reach out and offer an invitation for reflection of our intention moving through this very interesting, challenging, and opportune time in our reality. It is part of the human experience to have and feel fear. In each of us fear can show up...

Corner of the Second Floor Bar

It’s been so long since our eyes locked I’ve been feeling you Your essence and presence Showing up in my dreams and visions again But even my third eye sight didn’t see this... In the corner of the second floor bar I wasn’t going to be there I planned on spending a...