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MayLynne is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Clairvoyant Reader, Vocal Channel, Spiritual Teacher/Awakener, and Medium. Highly empathic, she has natural abilities of receiving information by Claircognizance (inner knowing), Clairvoyance (visions/sight), and Clairaudience (hearing).

MayLynne works from her heart center creating a sacred space with her Spirit council of Higher Self, Lemurian high vibrational beings, and Tako, an American Indian Medicine Spirit – channeling her healing through song. Her passion is to work as a spiritual coach unlocking unhealthy patterns linked to childhood, relationship and past life patterns, bringing forth timeless healings in truth, clarity, healthy boundaries and empowerment to your soul journey in the embodiment of love and compassion.

Healing your body, mind and soul…timelessly

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Experience a channeled vibrational healing with the powerful healing song of Tako, an American Indian Medicine Woman.

Recent posts


Loud Your silence is still so loud And I’m still thinking out loud Three years have ticked by Some moments louder than others And I’m starting to question the crystal ball Visions of true love seen by both our eyes We know each other’s story and we know each...

The Importance of Setting Precedence to Have Healthy Relationships

In relationships no two people come together completely healed. Some relationships may have a grander dynamic to heal than others. The coming together, the experience is meant to heal past patterns, paradigms, and your soul. In our journey we learn to set boundaries,...

The Message

Whispers of wind Hushness of breath Still the message is heard Valleys long Mountains high The path still is shown Listen, feel, hear and know Sink in Surrender and allow Open wide, receive all For you are One And all deserving Of Light and Love Here and beyond...

Journey to a Waterfall

During my recent trip to Pollock Pines (about 45 miles south of Lake Tahoe), my soul sister, Lisa, and I decided to take a drive to see if we could find an area where we could do a little hiking and be with the trees and hopefully there would be water nearby....

The Abundance of Nature

Nature called to me over going to the gym this morning. So, I listened. I have been working a lot on feeling, sensing, and knowing that abundance flows through me in all areas of my life. And let me be honest here… especially with finances. My humanness taking me...


You reach for so many things in life. I don’t know why not love too. I know fear, so familiar with it and its stories and dynamics. Controlling so many things in my life. But to walk away from something where you “feel so much”, I still don’t understand in my...