I feel my old self burning in the Amber Flame

Melting away parts of old

A newness ready to come alive

I’m ready – the stretching and molding are continuous

But I willingly step into what the Universe is bringing me.

Like clockwork thoughts of you creep up

They don’t ever really seem to go away

But lately, lately there’s been a change in the wind

Free will dancing in the flames

Space and silence still so prevalent

Sometimes it feels as if you’re no longer on this plane

Your voice an inaudible whisper

Your touch a brush of a feather

Long blown away with the change in the seasons

As if you’re a ghost from the past

I see you, I see me, I see us burning in the Amber Flame

Melting away ways of old

A newness I’m not quite sure of

I find myself alone again

Alone in the silence

It’s still here as you left it

The want for a love so deep burns in the Amber Flame

Melting away parts of old

I’m not sure what’s to be made anew

Promises seem to be falling away as are the leaves of Fall

With you or another, I’m opening my heart

To love in the deep fire Amber Flames

A spark in my heart ignites into an Amber Flame

~MayLynne 10/6/19

Photo credit: Comfreak from Pixabay

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