Life projects you forward
Sometimes it may feel like you’re on the top of a roller coaster without a seat belt about to fly out
You may hold onto what you can
Grasp what you can
What feels familiar
What feels safe.
Are you reaching for outside sources?
People, places, things?
Or are you finding it within yourself?
Safety within Spirit
Safety within body
Safety within mind
Safety within heart
Safety within soul
Touching all that is within
Touching the light within
There you will find All
There you will find Love
Love of self
Love of all there is

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

My life and soul journey have brought me here,

The stories of the past no longer resonate within my BEing & Soul.

I step into what I always have been, but was shrouded & feared to let show

Beyond the dark shadows that surrounded me like a deep fog within the forest.

I release & let them fall away as burnt embers of the Phoenix.

I rise re~created, connected & aligned with the trueness of my Soul,

All that I aspire to BE

All that I AM.


Photo cred: Crucifurr from Pixabay 

The Part We Can’t See is Purposeful

The Part We Can’t See is Purposeful

Yesterday I was having a phone conversation with one of my beautiful amazing friends. This was the first time that we had talked during this unprecedented time. We were talking about how even after two months in, there is still some uncertainty, some unsurety how it will all unfold. And yes, that is true for those of us that are intuitives and work to help guide others.

While there has been, hopefully for all of us, co~creation with Spirit in that what we are wanting to bring forth, there are possibly parts that we can’t fully see yet.

Spirit is keeping parts hidden so that we continue to allow for the

letting go, the release, the surrender.

The surrender of needing to know the how, why, when and where of all of the details. The purpose of that is to allow us to be in the moment, to be present within ourselves. Which is what this unprecedented time is showing us.

It brings us an opportunity to dive in deeper into ourselves, our soul and our healing so when we come out of this time, we glow as the shining lights that we are.

If you find yourself frustrated because parts seem foggy, take some deep breaths and relax. Allow yourself to surrender deeper and ask Spirit what is it that they are wanting to show you, what is it that you are needing to heal and work through to bring through more clarity.

In the part that we can’t see

~there is purposeful meaning

~there is understanding that we are healing

~there is acceptance of what is

~there is growth

~there is co~creation

~there is renewal

~there is gratitude

The flower cannot fully see the sun before it unfolds, and yet,

it still blooms.

I hope that you have found and will continue to find your purpose within these moments. Sending you all light and magical blessings.


What Have You Been Asking For?

What Have You Been Asking For?


Time and all its different facets, its different dimensions, its different beings.

I, just like everyone else, have had those moments of being downright bored during this quarantine. Not able to go outside because of the rain or it’s nighttime. Caught up in all my catching up with family and friends. Uninterested in television shows or movies. Journaling caught up, healing & meditations caught up ~ of course, there is always something to work on. But you get the point.

Then there is this other side. I have moments of feeling just as busy doing all the things needing to get done. A busy little fairie in catching up on icky paperwork, seriously does it ever end? Having a more prominent positive outreach in the social media platform, and the best part of all, working on my book. For the past eleven years, I have been sporadically working on my first book, a memoir. It has been a process to say the least.

I have been grateful for getting the time to be able to freely work on the book for hours and hours on most days.

I began reflecting on this opportunity and realized that I was being given what I have been asking for the past few years… time. What a precious commodity. Before the quarantine, I could not seem to find all the time needed or my own allowance for the time needed to accomplish what I was being called and wanted to accomplish.

At the same time, as I am nearing the end of completion of the book (yay!), I know that it has taken every day of those eleven years to get to this point. A constant state of healing in letting go of all the blocks in putting my story out into the world.

In conversations I have noticed that others were experiencing the same thing. This quarantine in its worldly dynamic, has a silver lining.

It is giving a gift that each of us has been asking for… time.

Time to get outside for exercise, cleaning out the garage or planting that spring garden, spending quality family time playing games and connecting with loved ones more frequently through phone calls. Tackling to-do lists that have seemed never ending, and even the dreaded spring cleaning. Time to take afternoon naps and binge watch shows. Taking it one step further into now having the time to increase spiritual practice in meditation, yoga, going within, and reading. As well as time to get into those passions that have been calling us.

Of course, none of us asked for a world pandemic to achieve what it is we have been wanting, so there is no need for us to carry guilt. We are not taking away from all those who are sick, those who have lost their lives, and those who are recovering. Our intention is for healing throughout the world.

We can also hold gratitude for what time is giving us.

My hope is that you have been able to relish in time to find your silver lining. Time for you and time for a deepening connection with your soul.

Light, health and love to you, your loved ones and the world.




Imagine if around the world, all the focus on the fear of the virus, was transmuted into illuminated light, healing and love into each soul, the animals, and the Earth. What a wondrous world that would be.

Of course, our world is in a significant dynamic at the moment. However, if we allow our emotions, focus and consumption to be in the fear factor, we are placing our power with the virus. We are essentially energetically fueling its existence.

If we acknowledge the fear as in facing any fear within our journey, we know there is no back alley, no side door. We must face it, acknowledge and empower ourselves to move beyond it in a way of bringing healing within our journey and our world. It is a choice; it is a reaction. It is taking our power back and into a way of how we are wanting our lives and world to be.

Let that be what our focus is, what our intention is ~

the illumination, healing and love.

Please join me.

May You Know

May You Know

May you know the touch of kindness

May you know that truth seeks you

May you know that warmth still can touch you in the deepness of the cave

May you know that the sun shines above the ceiling that is over your head

May you know that you have the power to open the ceiling up

May you know that you are light

May you know that peace is within you

May you know that you are worthy

May you know that you are love

May you know that you ARE LOVED



Written 2/14/20, Published 3/27/20

Uplifting and Practical Ways to Move Through This Time with A Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

Uplifting and Practical Ways to Move Through This Time with A Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

Understandably all of us will experience waves of fear, anxiety, and frustration during this time, even if we are approaching this experience with positivity, light and love. It is part of the human experience.

As no one intended a world pandemic, each of us individually will have an opportunity for healing ~ most likely a core wound with health, finances, isolation and/or abandonment.

It is up to us individually as a soul to heal so that the world can heal.

During those waves of emotions, it is important for us to take notice, to pay attention, acknowledge, accept, take time, process and work on healing them. Turning our head, pushing the emotion down, repressing them can lead to an unhealthy state of mind, body and soul, unhealthy behaviors such as poor eating, seclusion (not getting outside), nonstop TV, video, or social media binging.

This is abandonment of the self.

These are behaviors that can be difficult to climb out of even when life is flowing like rainbows and unicorns.
Here are some suggestions to move through and heal yourself, as well as with and through this experience:

• Take the focus off the fear, the virus. Again, this is not always easy, but the more that you can be mindful of it, the more that you can move from consuming and feeding the fear, the virus, and into something that you are wanting to build or create for yourself and your life.

• Take back your power with light & love and into your power center (the solar plexus), knowing that you have the power of the state of your body, mind and soul.

• Do get outside ~ allow yourself to take walks, run, go for bike rides ~ you can do this while practicing safe social distancing. This is giving you fresh air, an abundance of oxygen, and Vitamin D, all while receiving the suns warmth & healing rays. It also feeds your power center.

• Eating ~ while snacking & treating yourself is fine, over consuming can lead to more issues. Grabbing for that snack almost always is done out of boredom, fear and repression of feelings. The limiting belief tells us we are comforted by what we are consuming. Truly though, this only works in the moment. Five minutes later and beyond, the issue, the emotion is still there. Mindful snacking helps to alleviate what can become addictive eating.

• Journaling ~ yep, I’m saying it once again. It is always my #1 tool, and yes, I practice it myself almost every single night. Journaling is an excellent tool for releasing bottled up emotions and feelings. Allow yourself to speak freely in your journal. Almost always you will receive some clarity and understanding just by releasing what is cluttering the mind. And remember, you don’t have to show it to anyone. This is just for you.

• Spend time in prayer and meditation. It doesn’t have to be to get information, this moment is again just about decluttering the mind. Breathing out the clutter, breathing in peace.

• Epsom salt baths ~ the relaxation and cleansing effect is extremely powerful. Epsom or Himalayan Salt acts as an energetic cleanser and helps to stimulate the release of stagnant energy, even what you might be feeling in others and as a collective.

• White light ~ surround yourself with white light every day as a protective energy and to help alleviate the vibrations of others and the collective.

• Headphones ~ a few of my friends have shared with me that if they need to run errands, they are wearing headphones while playing healing tone music. I love this idea if you need to be in the vicinity of people, especially grocery stores! This helps to set a boundary with what you are interacting with and feeling.

• Crystals ~ some excellent crystals to keep near you during this time are:

  • Selenite ~ considered the white light and powerful cleansing crystal
  • Black Tourmaline ~ helps to alleviate negative energy within the self and others
  • Apophyllite & Blue Lace Agate ~ calming stones that help with stress and anxiety
  • Citrine ~ as an excellent power center (solar plexus) stone, it is also a wonderful cleanser and purifier

Of course, it’s always good to feel into what you are being guided to use and have near you, as this would be specific for you.


I wish you, your loved ones, and the world, light, health, healing and love.

The Old Must Die To Bring In The New

The Old Must Die To Bring In The New

Dreams and visions for me have always been more of a symbolic/figurative nature, over literal. The timing of when the prophetic dreams will come true is something I have had to learn to detach from. Some happening the next day, the next week, several months, or years later.

About two and a half years ago I began having dreams that our state/country was under attack or at war. The multiple dreams showed a range of me looking out my bedroom window and seeing emergency vehicles, to walking on hills with small fires everywhere, to riding in a helicopter trying to find safe places with my friends ~ under bridges and in homes while small bombs went off, to a tsunami coming our way.

The dreams never showed where and who the attacks were coming from, only that there was darkness and crisis happening. Interestingly, my friends and I were calm. We were all trying to find the peace, find the calm and find resolution.

At the time, I didn’t tune in to whether it was a literal or figurative dream. I only sensed that something major was going to “turn our world upside down.”

The other day as I was facilitating a healing, thoughts of Jesus began to flood my mind. Thoughts of the actual timing of the season we are approaching in our country ~ Spring, thoughts of timing of Easter. The crucifixion of Jesus and the resurrection from the dead.

The synchronicity was so powerful to me.

How in the coming of Spring we declutter, do “Spring cleaning” to get the cobwebs from behind the dresser or under the couch. We tend to the soil, plant seeds and water them to grow.

In religious belief systems it is the time of Lent as we come to the crucifixion of Jesus where he died for our sins. And he resurrected showing us there is new life, new birth, and for us to establish and empower a new way of being.

So impactful I feel in this time of our lives, our communities, our states, country and the world. In an essence, we are being stripped of our normal daily lives, our freedoms.

The destruction is real, the tearing down of all that we knew before, “fires” symbolizing the burning of old ways, looking for supplies for survival, searching for safety. The tsunami representing our personal emotions and the cleansing of all that has been.

We are in our homes, learning to live our lives in a different way. To be at home 24/7 with our family, to become teachers and true co-inhabitants, to find a way to work from home for those of us able to, to go outside more and exercise our bodies, to reflect, to pray & meditate, to become still so we can breathe, breathe deeper.

A lot of healers use the same practice as I do for rituals. When we are wanting to release the old and set an intention and manifest new into our lives, we write out what it is we are wanting to let go of and we burn it in a cauldron or something else safe. The embers being released into the universe in a symbolization of letting go. We then use water to flush, clear, cleanse and purify what has been released and what we are wanting to bring forth.

The same symbolizations in my dreams ~ fire and water.

So much opportunity in this time of allowing the old to die to bring in the new. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

It is my wish for everyone to utilize this time to create new for you. What is it that is ready to be birthed within you, your family, your life and your world?

I cannot wait to see all that we have brought to life!

**Please know that I am not an expert in the biblical aspects of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. I love him and feel his presence often. These are my own thoughts, feelings and vibrations of the time that is.


The Opportunity We Are Being Given To Heal

The Opportunity We Are Being Given To Heal

Lovely Souls,

I wanted to reach out and offer an invitation for reflection of our intention moving through this very interesting, challenging, and opportune time in our reality.

It is part of the human experience to have and feel fear. In each of us fear can show up in many ways ~ sometimes in small aspects, some massively affecting all areas of our lives and/or a major part of our lives.

Fear charges us like a bull and says, “Come on, come and get me, let’s see what you’ve got.” Fear does not cower away; it does not scamper off. I have often said, “When fear challenges us, there is no side door, no back alley, there is no way around fear. You can only face it and move through it, move beyond it.”

How we move through and beyond is to reflect on where is your fear, where are you fueling your fear, what are you feeding into the vibration of fear? In the current situation, is your fear in contracting the illness, running out of food & supplies, being quarantined ~ separated from others, and/or the economic impact individually, as a country, and globally?

When we can recognize where we are fueling our fear, and remember, each of us has it, we can then take it one step further and see where that triggers other areas of our lives. Did you or do you have a serious health condition? Have you felt separated from others? Have there been times when there was not enough food, or even deeper when you went hungry?
Do you have core wounds with financial stability and maintaining security? Or have you received information about a past life when you experienced one or more of these dynamics?

Interestingly, ironically, serendipitously in Spirit’s way, Spring is upon us. Spring is about clearing out the weeds, tending and sowing the soil, nourishing the soil, planting the seeds, watering and caring for what you have planted. What it is within your life that you are wanting to make anew? What are you wanting to plant and bring to life? What kind of world do you want to live in?

This is the opportunity that this current situation is bringing to you, to all of us to heal. In what ways can you stop fueling that fear, whether with one or more aspects, and bring back your power within you.

When you face the fear, “I see you, I hear you, I allow myself to take control of my thoughts and feelings, I take my power back, and I am ready to move through and beyond you.” Always breathing and bringing it back in with forgiveness and love. Then, allow yourself to put your light, your intention, your breath and love into what it is you want to grow for yourself, for the community, for the world.

It is freeing.

As we shift our vibration within ourselves to light and love, we then shift our vibrations out to the world of light and love. What a beautiful world that is!

My intention and wish for your and the world are for health, vibrancy and the strength to grow beyond fear and into a new world of light, love and unity. Magical blessings.

Corner of the Second Floor Bar

Corner of the Second Floor Bar

It’s been so long since our eyes locked
I’ve been feeling you
Your essence and presence
Showing up in my dreams and visions again
But even my third eye sight didn’t see this…
In the corner of the second floor bar

I wasn’t going to be there
I planned on spending a relaxing day at home
Last minute plans brought me to watch the big game
Was going to be sitting in the corner of King Neptune’s lair
Last minute changes brought me to the corner of the second floor bar
“Serendipitous moments are to come” whispered in my ear as I made my way there

The corner table was empty as the ball started to fly
A work call brought me to the chilly outside patio
Coming back inside I took my seat facing the corner of the second floor bar
Where TVs flashed images of players running and playing their best
I unexpectedly found familiarity facing me
Those big blue eyes and smile I know so well but not yet directed at me

In the familiar there was unfamiliarity and I was unsure that the two were the same
Quickly a game of locking eyes began but acknowledgement still laid to the side
My mind raced, could it be?
Of all the places, in all the moments
In the corner of the second floor bar

A simple wave & smile and I made my way over
You held my hand and kissed my cheek as we briefly said what was new
Mirrored reflections flashing back and forth
Would we be strong enough to see and heal?
Heal all the spoken and unspoken words
A sacred space understanding and vulnerability?

Our conversation over as I was sitting back at my own table
Ten feet was between us
So close but still so far away
A wish for just you & me in the middle of all the others and noise
I screamed to you “I love you can’t you see??!” within my head
The fans screaming at the TVs overpowered my plea.

As you said good bye ~
We’ll be in touch
No timelines, no promises
All in the corner of a second floor bar

You & me
In the corner of a second floor bar

~MayLynne 2/10/2020