The Message

The Message

Whispers of wind

Hushness of breath

Still the message is heard

Valleys long

Mountains high

The path still is shown

Listen, feel, hear and know

Sink in

Surrender and allow

Open wide, receive all

For you are One

And all deserving

Of Light and Love

Here and beyond

Peace, Grace and Love




You reach for so many things in life. I don’t know why not love too.

I know fear, so familiar with it and its stories and dynamics. Controlling so many things in my life.

But to walk away from something where you “feel so much”, I still don’t understand in my humanness. After all this time.

The first day we met, you asked if I could find you love, and there I stood.

A year later you said you felt I could love you unconditionally, and there I stood.

My arms open, my heart open.

And you still walked away.

I don’t place it all on you. I have learned to take my own responsibility. Falling into old patterns that have never served me.

Allowing my want to be in your arms to overshadow of where I was headed, where we were headed in breaking the healthy boundaries of co~dependency and high standards that we both had agreed upon.

The thought of losing you again devastating me.

But Yoda is right, you must “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

My heart knows you. My soul knows you.

My hope is that you learn to know yourself, learn to know your heart, and learn to know your soul.

That you become aware that you are worthy and deserving of the true love you spoke of. Whether with me or another, I set you free for whatever that may be.

From the first day, to this day, and every day in between, I have loved you.

Loved you unconditionally.

I Give To You ~ To My Inner Child

I Give To You ~ To My Inner Child

Little one within my heart

I call to you to draw near

To tell you things you never knew before


I give to you this day

With a reminder in each day

To be one with you


When you feel unsafe and insecure

To know the loving arms of Gaia surround you like a mother

Sink your toes and feet into the grass, into the sand creating deep roots within

Allowing you to feel all that you hold within

Supplying all that you need

Ground beneath you

The air you breathe

The food that nourishes you


When fear and uncertainty creep over you

To fall into the strong arms of Spirit surrounding you like a father

Reach your arms up high into the clouds and know that you are connected

Giving you the vibration of Divine oneness

Guiding you through all

Knowing your highest good

Holding your hand through fear

Loving you unconditionally


I give to you permission

Permission to cry your hurts

Permission to speak your truths

Permission to do what you need in each day


To sink your feet within the sand

To dip your toes in the water

To let go


I give to you permission

Permission to let go of the guilt & shame

Of what you think you should be doing instead

Permission to let go of your old story

And allow yourself to be.


I give to you that freedom

To throw your arms up in the air

To dance to your own song

To be free


Little one within my heart

I give to you all that you did not know growing up

To let go of the struggle

To let go of the need to fit in

To let go of perfection


Little one within my heart

I give to you your beauty

I give to you your dreams

I give to you the gift of self~love

And all that you ARE.


Little one within my heart

Always stop and smell the flowers

Never let anyone influence who you are

Always look up and dream big

Remember the knowing of your soul

   You are worthy

   You are deserving

   You are pure love


~MayLynne 3/28/19