It’s been so long since our eyes locked
I’ve been feeling you
Your essence and presence
Showing up in my dreams and visions again
But even my third eye sight didn’t see this…
In the corner of the second floor bar

I wasn’t going to be there
I planned on spending a relaxing day at home
Last minute plans brought me to watch the big game
Was going to be sitting in the corner of King Neptune’s lair
Last minute changes brought me to the corner of the second floor bar
“Serendipitous moments are to come” whispered in my ear as I made my way there

The corner table was empty as the ball started to fly
A work call brought me to the chilly outside patio
Coming back inside I took my seat facing the corner of the second floor bar
Where TVs flashed images of players running and playing their best
I unexpectedly found familiarity facing me
Those big blue eyes and smile I know so well but not yet directed at me

In the familiar there was unfamiliarity and I was unsure that the two were the same
Quickly a game of locking eyes began but acknowledgement still laid to the side
My mind raced, could it be?
Of all the places, in all the moments
In the corner of the second floor bar

A simple wave & smile and I made my way over
You held my hand and kissed my cheek as we briefly said what was new
Mirrored reflections flashing back and forth
Would we be strong enough to see and heal?
Heal all the spoken and unspoken words
A sacred space understanding and vulnerability?

Our conversation over as I was sitting back at my own table
Ten feet was between us
So close but still so far away
A wish for just you & me in the middle of all the others and noise
I screamed to you “I love you can’t you see??!” within my head
The fans screaming at the TVs overpowered my plea.

As you said good bye ~
We’ll be in touch
No timelines, no promises
All in the corner of a second floor bar

You & me
In the corner of a second floor bar

~MayLynne 2/10/2020

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