Soul mate ~ That person that you feel an electric shock run through your body every time you see them, when your phone lights up with their name/picture or you see their name scroll by on your social media newsfeed. A soul mate is someone that you have this uncommunicated understanding, this comfort level when you’re around each other that you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s not something that is easily described, this feeling within your soul. It’s as if there is an imaginary rope pulling you ever so close to this other person. In an intimate relationship, the sex is off the charts, leaving you breathless. So naturally, they are the ones we want to spend the rest of our lives with…or do we really?

Very much wanting to manifest a very special relationship with my ‘One’ I’ve created lists, vision boards and letters to our Higher Selves containing all that I want my special man and our relationship to embody. All throughout my lists, vision boards and letters to his Higher Self are the words ‘soul mate’.

I think at first we think that the ‘soul mate’ is the one we’re supposed to be with because of the magnetism we have with them. That connection that we feel with them is so strong we cannot imagine our lives without them. 

From what I have personally experienced the past few years and learned by studying past lives and soul journeys is that we can have several soul mates that enter just one human experience. Some may come in for five minutes, some years, some stay the entire human experience and some may even weave in and out of one human experience.  

While there are certain ones that maintain a certain ‘status’ in most lifetimes: husbands, wives, parents, we can often switch roles with these souls. For example, a few years ago I had a lover. But not just any lover, this was a high passion love, you know…knock your socks off kinda thing. I had never experienced anything like this before, the connection was so strong our Higher Selves communicated with each other without effort. When I finally allowed myself to realize that we would never be more than just lovers, I had the task of stepping away. I was in the beginning of my awakening and in an effort to understand the connection between us and why it was so difficult for me to walk away, I did several past life regressions. In one lifetime I was an abusive husband ~ physically, verbally, had affairs and squandered all of our money. (S)he stayed by my side the entire lifetime even on my death bed caring for and loving me. On my death bed my soul awakened and I realized what I had done to the one who had only ever loved me and begged her forgiveness. In another lifetime again I was the husband. In this lifetime we lived a very blessed, loving lifetime. After ‘viewing’ both lives, I understood the soul connection and was grateful for having at least one life that was happy and loving, making it easier to walk away.

I have seen couples who are soul mates and have been together for this entire human experience. I have seen where people have experienced several soul mates in a lifetime. I have also experienced where a soul mate is not a husband/wife, but a friend and the person is married to their life partner. The interesting thing to realize on this soul journey is that every soul’s journey is different. We cannot compare ourselves (which I am guilty of as well) as to the journey that others are walking. We have our own lessons, karma correcting and path that we agreed to come here to experience. Some may experience a lifetime with their soul mate, others just a short period of time. It’s learning that people on all levels can come and go out of our human experiences.

I feel that the soul connection or magnetism we feel is because those are the souls who are our biggest teachers in this life and our soul knows that they are an important aspect of us moving forward. I have read and listened to talks regarding the differences in soul mates and life partners. Some say that having that magnetism for someone is a sure sign of relationship failure ~ there is nothing beyond the sex.

So…soul mate or life partner/companionship? For myself, I think I have decided to change my wording to: loving life companionship. Maintaining a belief and constantly setting the intention of the type of relationship I want. While I want a passionate relationship and have that on my list of the man I am manifesting, the true companionship is what I most desire. Gagging during sex is not okay. Having an amazing sex life with someone who is dishonest and disrespectful is not okay.
An amazing relationship with a loving, respectful, spiritual and honest man who loves my children AND we have a great sex life ~ I’m going to be extremely blessed.

I can hear some of you say, “She’s not saying ‘husband/wife’!” I am definitely wanting to spend the rest of my life with an amazing partner, making that sacred commitment together. Whether that sacred commitment is between the two of us, in a Spiritual Ceremony or legally getting married is yet to be determined. The legality is no longer a necessity for me. It will all depend on what we decide as a couple. First things first…we need to meet each other!! 
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