I was standing at my kitchen sink washing out the inside parts of my vacuum. You know the parts that collect the dirt, dust, people hair and in my case animal hair too…all the really, really, yucky stuff. As I was standing at the sink I was brought back to a conversation a few years earlier with a guy I was seeing. He mentioned that his neighbor had wanted to borrow his vacuum, and he hadn’t really wanted to loan it out. Not because he was afraid he wouldn’t get it back, or that it would become a ritual every week…but because they wouldn’t take the time to clean out the bag or clean the brushes. He didn’t want to clean out their stuff.

I sat there mesmerized, I’m sure there was some blank stare on my face, and there definitely was not a single word coming out of my mouth…and nope, this time it was not due to his extremely good looks and sexiness!

“Wow! He’d surely never lend ME his vacuum because I am NOT a good vacuum cleaner keeper.”

I’m lucky to remember to change the bag every few months…and I’m pretty sure that I’ve never even touched the brushes. Closest thing I’ve come to maintaining my vacuum was probably changing the broken belt. I better change my ways, cause I just might need to borrow a vacuum someday.

In this moment, I was doing a spring cleaning of sorts on my vacuum. Kinda making it look all brand new again. As the conversation played over in my head, I thought to myself how funny that this is still with me. Years later. This…this sticks. Sticks like the dust sticks to the filter. As I was rinsing out the filter the thought occurred to me how our physical bodies are just like the different parts of a vacuum. The tube/bag and filter are represented by the different organs within us ~ heart, kidney, lungs, stomach.

We breathe in the air around us ~ which is sometimes polluted, we can absorb other’s negative energy, maybe eating food that isn’t healthy for us, or we haven’t processed things that have happened in our past or challenges going on our lives now. Without proper cleaning, all off the stuff that we have consumed and held onto becomes stagnant. If we don’t clear the stagnant energies, we become clogged and no longer thrive properly. And we want a clean temple…it’s the home for our soul. 

As a healer this completely resonates with me. We can’t move and clear other people’s stuff. When they are ready and willing to do the work, then we can be there for them, helping and guiding them along the way. It is important to remember that growing, processing and cleaning is an ongoing process. But each time it leads to healing and new, fresh beginnings. It helps us move to the next step, on to the next adventure! Every time we clean our temples, the easier it is to do the next time. We breathe easier, feel healthier and are living a cleaner life…with clean floors.
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