Imagine if around the world, all the focus on the fear of the virus, was transmuted into illuminated light, healing and love into each soul, the animals, and the Earth. What a wondrous world that would be.

Of course, our world is in a significant dynamic at the moment. However, if we allow our emotions, focus and consumption to be in the fear factor, we are placing our power with the virus. We are essentially energetically fueling its existence.

If we acknowledge the fear as in facing any fear within our journey, we know there is no back alley, no side door. We must face it, acknowledge and empower ourselves to move beyond it in a way of bringing healing within our journey and our world. It is a choice; it is a reaction. It is taking our power back and into a way of how we are wanting our lives and world to be.

Let that be what our focus is, what our intention is ~

the illumination, healing and love.

Please join me.

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