I was just about to walk into the garage to get into my car and I heard, “Wait! Wait! Wait!” No one was calling for me from upstairs or even from the room next to me. It was that voice from inside, the voice inside my head…my inner voice. I was fairly new on the path of my journey, but I knew enough to know that this message was from my Spirit Guides and they were trying to stop me from doing something I felt wholeheartedly they wanted me to do. And I was confused.

I had made the decision to make a move, not just making a little change in my lifestyle, but a big move. From Corona ~ in the Inland Empire, to San Clemente ~ a small beach community, 50 miles away. I had found a nice, clean apartment with a garage and a carport, within walking distance to the beach. And I was about to fax the rental agreement to the landlord. It had all been laid out as they say, “divinely appropriately”. So why are my guides asking me to wait? Panic waved over me, I hadn’t quite learned to take a deep breath, listen and trust at this point. I got in touch with my friend, who is also my mentor, who told me to go to the apartment and walk around the neighborhood. Walk around the apartment building and really stop and pay attention to how I felt. Did I feel safe? Was there anything unusual about the neighborhood? This didn’t make sense to me, everything was perfect.
But I listened. I picked up one of my best friends who lived in the area and drove to the apartment. We walked up and down the street. There were cute, well-kept houses, but nothing else for rent. It was a quiet, peaceful street with butterflies and hummingbirds flying from one side of the street to the other, and birds singing a beautiful song. Every once in a while a car would go up and down the street.  I even introduced myself to a neighbor who confirmed that it was a very peaceful, pleasant street to be on. Still perfect.
We decided to walk around the apartment building. I couldn’t look inside of the one I wanted; all but the door leading up to the apartment was upstairs. I continued down the walkway passed apartment #A, which was to be mine, down to apartment #B and stopped at the door. On the ground was a cable equipment box. Playing a little detective I inspected the box and saw that the equipment was being returned to the cable company. So we continued to walk onto the rocks to the windows to see if we could see inside. It was completely empty. My heart started to pound just a little bit more as my friend and I realized that the tenants had just moved from here and this apartment might be available as well. I immediately started falling in love with this apartment, everything appeared to be downstairs ~ kitchen, living room, one bedroom, bathroom and possibly one room upstairs. This would be perfect for me! My arthritic knees already started feeling better! No walking up and down the stairs every time I needed to put a load of laundry in the washer or carrying in multiple trips of groceries. Even though exercise is very good for my arthritis and I do try to maintain an exercise schedule several days a week, walking up and down stairs is different. It’s painful and there are some days that I have to take it one step at a time for fear that one of my knees might just give out from the pain. This apartment looked and felt pain free for me.
I called the landlord and asked if apartment #B was available. He said yes that the tenants had just moved. He confirmed that apartment #B had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and garage entry from inside the house. Inside my head I heard, “So very perfect!” I dreaded what I thought the answer to my next question would be. There is no way that the rent would be exactly the same.  But I dared ask it. And I got a completely different answer than my fearful ego was placing in my head. The rent was…exactly the same!! I couldn’t believe my ears!!


Within a few days I was faxing the lease agreement for apartment #B to my new landlord. I’m so very grateful that I stopped and listened to my inner voice…to my amazing Spirit Guides. Taking a few extra steps down the walkway I found something even better than I dared to imagine. 
Image thanks to darksouls1 on Pixabay
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