This morning I followed through with my intention for including more physical activity into my daily routine, and I went for a walk. Putting on some yoga pants and putting my hair up into a bun I said to myself, “I’ll just put some concealer on under those dark circles and a little mascara and I’m good to go.” But I really didn’t want to put on makeup. I wanted to just get going. 

Then I heard a voice saying, “Well what if you see someone and they see you? Like, really see you and they don’t think you’re pretty?”

I had to really convince myself, to the point of standing still and taking a breath convince myself, that putting on make up to go for a walk around the block was a bit silly.

I dug deeper in that moment and wondered where had I picked up such a limiting belief that I needed make up on to exercise. I’ve seen other women exercising and not have make up on. I’ve had moments where I felt okay to be “au naturale”, why am I feeling so insecure in this moment?

It didn’t take me long to get to a point of realization that someone in my life for over 20 years had thought that I wasn’t beautiful without make up on. Verbally saying things like, “Ah! Aren’t you going to put make up on?” E-V-E-N if we were staying home for the day. 

As I was on my walk, withOUT makeup on, I thought how sad that is. How sad to feel that someone isn’t beautiful without makeup on. I thought about how limiting it is for us to feel that way about ourselves. If we are in that thought process, then we are not truly loving ourselves or others. Makeup is an accessory, just like putting on earrings and a pretty sweater. I admit, I like wearing makeup but I shouldn’t feel the need to wear it all the time. 

How limiting to not see that we as well as others, are beautiful from the inside. That’s where all the beauty is ~ in our heart and souls. As I continue on my path of self-love of loving myself from the inside, I encourage you to do the same. Letting go of the limiting beliefs that someone else has bestowed up on you. After all, you’re entitled to your own beautiful, non-limiting beliefs. 

No makeup, loving myself and my walk!

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