Last night at about 9:30pm some of my closest friends (who are family) and I walked out of Taco Surf in Seal Beach. We had a fun night dancing while they enjoyed a cold one and I enjoyed a cold water. We were soaking in the cool night air as we talked about the band and the freedom our souls felt after dancing.

As we waited for our Uber driver, we noticed to our left down PCH there were police lights on both sides of the highway. We figured they were for a sobriety checkpoint. We learned later that a car had hit the center divider.

A few moments later we heard sirens and two motorcycle riders zoomed past us towards the police lights going about 100 mph… no joke. About five police cars were chasing them. Then we noticed a police helicopter also chasing them. We prayed for safety of those on the highway up ahead.

Within five minutes we heard more sirens coming from Sunset Beach towards us. Our hearts were already pumping, it began to intensify. A few of the cops stopped in the center lane about 100 feet from us. We began to panic. Taco Surf is right on the highway, there is no large parking lot, you’re literally right there as cars are passing by.

One police car made a U-turn and stopped at the intersection on the other side of us. The police helicopter returned and was shining its light around us. We froze for a moment not sure what to do, should we run back inside?

The two motorcycle riders zoomed past us again, and again going at least 100 mph. I’m in gratitude for the police car that waited at the red light to our right stopping traffic, as the motorcycle riders went right through it, the police cars chasing after them.

Immediately our thoughts went to where we guessed they were headed down PCH, busy Huntington Beach and the pier area. We again prayed that everyone would be safe.

I rarely, I mean rarely watch the news. An empathic person, hard to have that much negativity and darkness all the time. I had already heard about the tragedy in Texas and was sending prayers and healing to all affected.

I wanted to find out if the chase ended safely, and so began looking it up on the internet. There wasn’t much to be found, other than one of the motorcycle riders led the chase to Los Angeles being irresponsible on his cell phone while on the freeway. No information on why they were chasing him or what happened to the other motorcycle rider. Even this morning… the only update is that the one rider eluded police.

Then I see that there was another mass shooting in Ohio last night. Such sadness. For what purpose?

My heart is breaking. It’s sad to think people are just out enjoying their lives, shopping, having dinner, dancing never knowing. The fear that some may go into of being afraid to continue living because of what may happen.

I choose not to live in fear, but to live in hope for a better future and love for all. So, I’m sending love to all of you today and hoping that it will spread from soul to soul, state to state, country to country and to the world.

Beautiful, glorious love.

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