2019 has started off with a bang, and not quite the bang we were all wanting. There has been a lot of upheaval, chaos, and unexpected happenings. Pair that with Mercury Retrograde and we are all spinning and not quite able to catch our breath… or ourselves.

We are as individual souls and as a collective conscious, experiencing an up~level awakening. Our human reaction is to go into fear and continue the same old patterns that we are used to. But this is not the time to do so.

It is a time of changing the old dynamics and old paradigms. A shifting out of the old.

We are pregnant, as my beautiful friend reflected the other day.

Co~creating with the Universe what new aspects we are wanting to bring to the world, in a whole new way or an evolvement of what we have been doing.

This re~birthing of the self, of the soul, is making us completely let go of the old way of being in order to birth the new. We can no longer hold on to large or minute aspects of the old. The new consciousness cannot allow for it.


Because it keeps us in the same loop, the same pattern. In order to shift into all that we are becoming, we must let go of the old.

This may mean that our business isn’t functioning the same as it was before, our relationships aren’t flowing as they were before, even if we are doing everything the same. It is our nature to begin to fret and become anxious, stressing ourself out.

The Universe, Spirit is asking:

“In what ways can you show up differently, not only for the world, but for yourself?”

Personally, I have found myself working ten hour days, squeezing in yoga or physical training, eating quickly, trying to get more work in and then still finding myself behind. Not completing everything I want, not working on certain parts of my business that I want ~ the new aspects waiting to be birthed. Leaving me feeling not only emotionally, physically drained and exhausted, but incomplete.

In these times, we may feel unsupported by Spirit. Not understanding why this cycle is continuing on. I use the analogy of a bicycle wheel going round and round and round. We don’t like it, but it continues.

Often, we can forget our own free~will, our own empowerment to move in a different direction. We cannot expect Spirit to do it all for us. Establishing how we can show up different first for ourselves, can then help us show up differently for other people, the world and Spirit.

What is it that you need to make this happen? How do you function best throughout your day and week to maintain a healthy balance? For most of us this is our meditation practice, healthy meals, yoga and exercise. We need to ensure that we are implementing these aspects so that we can be at our best for ourself.

Growing up we may have been taught this is selfish by our parents or society. We need to let that mentality go. In order to move into a new consciousness, we must take these steps for ourselves to bring an even deeper awareness into our reality.

Instead of trying to bring the peace first to our outside elements, we must first bring the peace within ourself.

During this trying time, please make sure to allow yourself the time for what your body and soul is needing. Processing any type of guilt, shame, and the dynamics that you may be challenged with and then letting it go. Giving yourself the love and attention that you are needing.

As we do this, we are taking control and stepping into our new way of being, our new path and allowing for the space for Spirit to do their magic.

Wishing you magical blessings.

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