When I was a little girl I told my step-dad that I wanted to be a nurse. He thought that was wonderful and said that my goal should be a Registered Nurse and then started explaining some of the things that I would be doing. One was taking blood. Nope, THAT wasn’t going to happen. So at age 6, there went my dreams right down the drain. After that, I never had any desire to BE anything else other than a wife and a mother.
After my awakening, my mentors and healers I had come in contact with began telling me that I am a healer, a lightworker. I just kind of smiled politely, with an “Oh okay.” I don’t know the first thing about healing others…I was just learning what healing myself was, delving in head first. Then the messages began to get more urgent, like “Now, now, now,” and “People are waiting for you to step up into your life purpose.” I thought, “Well, that’s wonderful, but I don’t know how to be a healer.” So I guess my first step is to learn how and then I can help them. And as always, the universe opened up a door. One of my dear friends, Dina was teaching Reiki I and II class so I signed up right away. I thought I’ll start with this then move on to Theta and the others. Within a couple of months I was Certified Reiki I and II.
So Dina and I scheduled to do a practice healing and I can’t believe it! I forgot my crystals and my hand positions booklet!! Here I’m trying to be a healer and I forget my tools…silly me. But Dina reminded me that I didn’t need crystals, candles, etc. or my hand positions notebook, to just go with what I was feeling. So that’s exactly what I did, I rubbed my hands together in a swirly motion to generate energy and connected with my guides and angels. Oh and I prayed. I prayed that she would just feel something…even if it was just a little something…some bit of energy flowing through her to wherever she needed ~ to prove to her, but mostly to me that I was a healer.
I placed my hands on her forehead and immediately saw all of her vibrant, swirling chakras. They filled up the room with a back splash of loving white energy. Then I felt the presence of her mother, I already knew that I was a medium, but this experience was different. Her mother, who had transitioned years before, was helping guide me through the healing. It felt as though she was inside of me, so I was channeling as well. She had loving messages for Dina. I suddenly felt the urge to hum this word…like out loud. I was a bit embarrassed, but I opened my mouth and very quietly let out the sound, “Nom”. I had no idea where this was coming from or even what the word means. I just knew that I felt the need to say it. So I did. It sounded American Indian in a way.
For a couple of years, I had been seeing visions, but it was mainly when I was going to sleep or just coming out of my slumber. Only on very rare occasions had I ever had what I call an awake vision…meaning I’m up and about and suddenly ‘see’ a picture or a three-second film.  Suddenly I was seeing me standing and sitting in different positions with different hand positions and the energy that I would be removing.
There were so many at once that it was kind of hard to keep up with, so my guides showed me that they would continue to guide me, they were only giving me glimpses of what was to come. I moved to her solar plexus area (around her belly button) and immediately started moving my arms up from her belly button out of the house, removing a big black swirly ball of energy. When I placed my hands on her thighs I saw a big open wound on her thigh, which was not there in this physical state. I asked her if she had ever been injured there and Dina said no, but she had experienced pains and discomfort in that spot. I asked my guides to show me what I was seeing and I began to see a movie. A tall man who was riding a bicycle near train tracks in what looked like the south maybe in the 1940’s or 1950’s. He was hit by a train and somehow miraculously survived, but when he fell something from the bike had caused the wound in his leg.
I realized I was seeing a past life of Dina.
I was completely astonished, and so was Dina. I looked further into the past life and the man (Dina) had lived the rest of his life in a wheelchair, giving up on trying to walk again. He spent his days just sitting in his dreary, dark home. This was uncharacteristic behavior of this lifetime. Dina is a motivated spirit, who not only practices yoga, but teaches yoga. She also does cross fit training. For such a petite person, Dina is one of the strongest people I know…and I’m not just talking about women!
In the past life I was seeing, this man could have walked again. He just needed a little motivation and therapy. I explained to Dina that my healing guides were showing me that this man needed to be guided through walking again. So with Dina’s permission the man was lead to those bars that people hold onto when they are learning to walk again. He was helped to walk all the way through and then walking without the help of the bars. The next scene showed him getting up out of the wheelchair with no assistance and walking across the room! It was amazing!
Two more past lives came up during the healing and we worked through those as well! I continued to have moments where I felt the nudge to hum and sing out loud…again. I saw the presence of an American Indian Medicine Woman in dress and grey hair in a long braid. I didn’t know who she was or where she was coming from.
What I did know was that giving a healing felt completely natural to me, as if I had been doing them every single day my entire life.
Studying and living a metaphysical life, Dina and I had heard about these types of experiences, but were utterly amazed that it had happened in this room, in this moment, to the both of us! I am so very grateful for the gift of friendship with Dina and becoming attuned to Reiki. Reiki has changed my life in so many ways!
In my meditations during the weeks that followed, it was revealed to me that the American Indian Medicine Woman is one of my healing guides and her name is Tako. I am the vessel for her healing powers! In the healings with clients since this experience, all of them have been about healing past lives unless specific to a current illness or injury. I continue marvel at how all of this information was inside of me and I never knew it. I was born with this gift, it’s always been there. I just needed to ‘see it’! 
I…am a healer!!
Dina Kleiman is an Intuitive Healer, Transformational Coach and Mentor, Reiki Master and Teacher, Yoga and Meditation Instructor. For more information go to http://www.dinakleiman.com/
For more information on my services, please go to https://maylynne.com/services-timeless-healings/
Image thanks to Geralt on Pixabay
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