Timeless Healings

Working from her heart center, MayLynne creates a sacred space with her Higher Self and yours of safety, serenity and unconditional love. With your openness, she can help you to unlock unhealthy boundaries and patterns and pinpoint the root core, whether from childhood, family or societal domestication and/or past lives. MayLynne is also able to connect with transitioned loved ones and bring forth healing messages.

Each session will give you the tools and techniques to move forward on your soul journey, bringing forth Timeless Healings in truth, clarity, healthy boundaries and empowerment on your soul journey in the embodiment of love and compassion.

While MayLynne and her guides can give possibilities, they do not work in a predictive manner of timeline, as there is always free will and action. They work in a way of giving you the knowing of how to co-create with Spirit your own prosperous reality.

All sessions are available in person, by phone or Skype.

Energy Healings

Healings are a magical way in which to bring about clearing and cleansing into one’s being and journey. Healings can be performed after you have already been engaged in your process, or they can assist you in removing blocks to allow you to move deeper into your process.

During a healing, MayLynne is a vessel for Reiki as well as universal energy healing, channeling the healing energy and song of Tako, an American Indian Medicine Woman. Working together, they bring about transformation with:

  • Clearing and cleansing your chakras
  • Removing stagnant energy surrounding unhealthy relationships and patterns
  • Contract clearing
  • Cord cutting
  • Past life dynamics
  • Healing of sexual traumas
  • Root causes of medical conditions and/or injuries

What to expect during a healing: Healings are extremely powerful and can be emotional.  It is important to be mindful of your eating habits and to not drink intoxicants the day before, the day of and for several days after your healing. It is also important to drink lots of water for the next few days. We will talk for a few minutes just to get acquainted on what is going on in your process and what should be focused on during your healing. As you will be lying down on a healing table, comfortable clothing is recommended.

1 hour Energy Healing: $250

Channeled Intuitive Reading

During a channeled intuitive reading, MayLynne allows herself to be a vessel for Spirit. She creates a sacred union, welcoming in your higher self as well as her own, and high vibrational beings. She also calls upon any transitioned ancestors that may have information and/or healing messages that are of your highest good.

MayLynne hears information, and sees visions of words and/or pictures bringing forth messages directed towards your healing and your soul journey.

​30 minute Reading: $100
60 minute Reading: $175​

All sessions are available by appointment only. Sessions are available in person, by phone or Skype.

Schedule your session here: ml@maylynne.com or contact MayLynne here

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