I am deep within again.
Sitting in a corner hugging my knees.
This is not the first time I have been here, and surely it will not be my last.
For I have chosen a path of enlightenment, self-discovery, and to claim my true self.

The veil has been lifted and the light shines brightly.
There is no hiding now.
I am still raw and stinging ~ as if my naked body has slid down a glacier.

In the other corner I see the skin I have just shed. 
I don’t care to look at it because the truth of wearing it sends shivers down my spine.
Waterfalls stream down my cheeks, as I look deeper still.
Words such as judgment and jealousy scroll through my mind.

How did I ever allow myself to put that skin on?
It had never felt good, chaffing and making me cringe when it would show its ugliness.
Memories pour into my mind of trying to fit in, insecurity, self-doubt and limiting beliefs.
Moments when I would begin to allow the injustice to creep in only to shut it down because that was easier. 

I take note that the things I was judgmental about are things I didn’t necessarily like about myself.
And jealousy, well that was wanting it for myself and not having the self confidence to move towards it, or simply not understanding divine timing.
Letting my ego believe that if I kept the veil over the ugliness, kept it to myself, it wouldn’t hurt anyone.
But it does hurt ~ consciously and unconsciously.

I am grateful the veil has been lifted.

I take a deep breath.
Suddenly in the other corner I notice a new skin.
Lighter, brighter, more true to who I am and am wanting to be, but most importantly filled with unconditional love.
A warmth begins to wash over me.
I stand up, brush myself off and walk towards the new me.

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