During my recent trip to Maui, my soul sister, Lisa, and I planned a trip on a boat to go snorkeling. We picked up our gear a couple of days before our day trip to do some snorkeling near her home. It was a short trek across the street! Lots of reefs just steps away from home, one of the many luxuries in Hawaii.

We got our gear on and began swimming out. I have been snorkeling before, but it had been awhile, so I was glad for the crash course before the boat trip where we would be out in deeper waters. I placed my mask on, put my mouthpiece in, took a breath, ready for my two inch mini-dive and suddenly panic swept over me as I lowered my head under water. Holding my breath for several seconds, which felt like hours, then raising my head gasping for air. This happened several times. I was a bit confused as to the sudden panic, but still determined. Each time I would lower my head, my ego would suddenly forget that I had a snorkel from my mouth to the air just inches away.

“Breathe May Lynne. Breathe through your mouth,” I would say to myself, because this suddenly seemed so difficult to do – a very foreign concept. Once my mouth got below water, the faith that I would actually receive the oxygen through the snorkel would dissipate. I contemplated the sudden panic, trying to process the reasoning while tackling breathing through a tube. Lisa, concerned that I would give up, said “Don’t get frustrated, keep trying.” I assured her that I wasn’t.

I spent a couple minutes above water, with the snorkel in my mouth breathing above water proving to myself that it does work. The air will flow even when I’m just below water an inch or two. After all, I wasn’t scuba diving.

I lowered my head and it was better, still not great, but better. My breaths were deep and forced but I was managing to keep my head under water a little longer. 

Suddenly a beautiful, very large sea turtle came our way. I WAS NOT going to let this moment pass me by! Ever so gently peacefulness washed over me. The peacefulness brought me normal breathing. I was able to breathe just as I do above water. The turtle came about three feet from us and magically we no longer had to paddle our feet or even direct our movements at all. Sharing space, magic and love with this beautiful creature. 

We were moving with the flow of the turtle, with the current. 

A turtle brings the wisdom of walking our path in peace and with determination and serenity, emotional strength and understanding. This was, as always, a powerful message for me on this trip as I was healing myself and preparing and gaining inspiration to expand my work as a healer and reaching others.

There is a virus on the reefs that is causing the turtles to have growths. This particular turtle had two large growths on his face. Lisa and I began sending healing energy to the turtle and the water, and we felt this healing energy reciprocating back towards us.

This magical journey continued for about ten minutes. Moving with the flow, the connection, the energy. Pure love. It deeply reminded me of the importance of having faith in Spirit. Surrendering and moving with the flow of change, no matter what that means in our lives. Resisting change only causes us more panic, more uncertainty and struggle. Living in the vibration that Spirit is guiding us towards something beautiful, even magical, brings us to peacefulness and serenity.

I’m so grateful that I held onto the faith in these moments, for I would have missed the amazing opportunity of a lifetime to swim with a sea turtle. 

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