The meeting of Tako and myself happened quite unexpectedly. I had just been attuned to Reiki Level 2 by the amazing healing talents of Dina Kleiman, who also happens to be one of my dearest friends. I was going to do a practice healing session with Dina. Even though lightworkers had told me along my path that I was a healer, I didn’t really know what that meant. I prayed heavily and asked for all the guidance and assistance I could get for her to feel anything… something.

Loving messages

I placed my hands on her forehead and immediately saw all her vibrant, swirling chakras. They filled up the room with a back splash of loving white energy. Then I felt the presence of her mother, I already knew that I was a medium, but this experience was different. Her mother, who had transitioned years before, was helping guide me through the healing. It felt as though she was inside of me, so I was channeling as well. She had loving messages for Dina.

The Medicine Woman

Throughout the healing, I felt the presence of an American Indian Medicine Woman. She guided us both along a journey of healing three past lives for Dina. It was the first time that I had the awareness of being able to see past lives.

At the end of the healing, I suddenly felt the urge to place my forehead on Dina’s forehead and hum this word…like out loud. I was a bit embarrassed, but I laid my forehead upon hers and opened my mouth and very quietly let out the sound, “Nom”. I had no idea where this was coming from or even what the word means. I just knew that I felt the need to do these things, so I listened to my instinct. As I sang, it sounded American Indian in a way.

In my meditations during the weeks that followed, it was revealed to me that the American Indian Medicine Woman is one of my healing guides and her name is Tako. I am the vessel for her healing powers! I have channeled Tako for every personal and group healing since that day.

Ancient Greeting

A little while later, I came across information that explained the true tradition of a forehead to forehead blessing: “The touching of foreheads—this is an ancient greeting that honors the heart and soul of another human being. Amongst the Māori, it is nose to nose, forehead to forehead—called hongi. The Hawaiians call it honi, and it is practiced amongst the Tibetans, and the desert Bedouins. For the Priestesses of Astera, this is how we bless the Beloved. Third eye to third eye—sharing sacred breath.” ~*~ Excerpt from GAIA CODEX-A Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed.

The History of Tako

“I come from Gaia, born of its elements. The Shaman vibration has lived within me for many lives. I am one with Gaia. The Earth and its elements have so many healing amenities that the humans have yet to discover, that is one thing I will bring to them through you. I am from a long line of ancestors working with Gaia deep in the mountains in a small village not really known to man. Not discovered.

It is my wish to reconnect human souls with Gaia with her healing, to bring together as one, beating hearts as beating drums as one, so connected. As we learn to tune into our bodies, tune into Gaia so that we can heal each other.

My history with MayLynne spans many lifetimes. Most lifetimes standing side by side working together to bring peace, harmony and unconditional love to man. Guiding each other through the lifetimes as well in times of hardship and crossroads always maintaining and succeeding in being each other’s rock.

This lifetime the healing energy was required to be more powerful than two individuals – so as to be one. I, Tako, work stronger in energy vibration and so chose to work from the spirit realms. MayLynne’s soul had signed up for many lessons in this lifetime to evolve and graduate to another level, and so chose to be in human form with her compassion toward healing hands to be able to touch others in the physical. Our souls are happy and excited for this arrangement, working separately, but as one to bring healing onto the Earth plane.

In each healing, whether private or group, I have allies working with me. A small healing tribal council is formed that creates and maintains the high vibration of the work and plays the beating drum connecting with Gaia. A large fire is created that is grounded into the crystal core of Gaia. All the stagnant, unhealthy energy that is removed from the individual or group is removed and placed into the fire transmuting into love and healing energy. I also have a beautiful wolf dog who brings red healing berries and other healing remedies from Gaia to those who come for healings.”


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