I knew she was the person to help me

I attended an emotional healing session of MayLynne’s and that is when I realized how special she is as a person, not to mention her talents. Like with most people, you go to that kind of thing in a tough patch during your life, and that was no different for me.

During the session recap she made some incredible observations about my personal life experiences and later, when she put her hand on my arm and we talked for a few minutes, I knew she was the person to help me. There are times when everyone needs a little help to get through a tough patch. I think the hardest part is knowing when to “call in the troops” and seek help.

MayLynne has been my life coach for almost a year now. Her insightfulness and the direction that she provides are like nothing else I’ve experienced. She gives you meaningful exercises to work on and grow from. She is truly a talented and caring person.


Aliso Viejo, July 2016


​I must share something with you. Remember the last time I saw you and we talked about my family and me not remembering anything about my birth mom, etc.? You were telling me about a brown box of some sort with pictures inside. I will admit I was uncomfortable with the whole thing and I had no idea what box you were talking about.

Turns out I found old slides including some of my birth mom with me. I found them in a small slide box. The box was brown ~ amazing!!



Safe space to explore

I’ve been lucky enough to take both MayLynne’s classes and her energy healing workshops. In both cases she is amazing! She provides a safe space to explore and heal old wounds in such a gentle way. I can’t say enough about how much I’ve learned from her about how to maintain my own energetic boundaries and overall spiritual well-being.

MayLynne´s  meditations are always just what I need to heal and move forward in my life. She’s given me such a great spiritual toolkit!

Nicole S

Laguna Niguel, January 2017

My knee has not bothered me since that healing

During my healing MayLynne asked me about my right knee and I told her that this was the knee that has been hurting on and off since 2000 for no reason I could think of. MayLynne said that this issue stems from a past life and described how when I was a man I was hit by a train and amazingly survived. However, I sustained an injury where I could no longer walk, or at least I never made the attempt at walking again. MayLynne healed the trauma in that lifetime and worked through the man getting up and learning to walk again.

After the healing I followed MayLynne’s recommendations to visualize this man (me) next to me whenever I go walking, running, jumping, etc. and make sure he does the same. At first it felt like he was hesitant and scared but I did not give him a choice to sit it out. This lasted for several weeks and then I totally forgot about him.

Fast forward to almost a year later and I realize that my knee has not bothered me since that healing. Thirteen years of pain where at times I had to wear a brace and special shoe inserts. No more! I can walk, run, jump whether I’m barefoot or in sandals with no pain! This is the beauty of past life regression/healing done well – you look in the past, identify the trauma, heal it and feel the benefits now. Thanks MayLynne.

Dina K.

Laguna Niguel

I get to move forward

I came in today feeling a little off/hopeless/confused and she picked up on it immediately. The conversation that followed was both emotional and liberating. She is a healing presence and a fountain of wisdom. I find my formidable walls crumble to the ground when she opens her heart. And now I get to move forward in my life with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.

Such is the blessing of a really great reading.


Long Beach, June 2016

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