Nature called to me over going to the gym this morning. So, I listened. I have been working a lot on feeling, sensing, and knowing that abundance flows through me in all areas of my life. And let me be honest here… especially with finances.

My humanness taking me into the old beliefs, thought patterns, and upbringing of scarcity. “There is never enough,” and “Will there be more?” There is an ingrained belief within me that financial abundance is not continuous.

I’ve been working with my inner child and adolescent to heal the wounds of when my father chose to not help support my Mom and I after their breakup. My Mom left to do it all on my own. The creation of the belief, “My needs and necessities are not met.”

Spirit has been reminding me daily that the Universe is abundant in all ways. As I started on my walk on the trail this morning, I immediately found two pennies and a dime!

“Abundance reigns! Thank you Spirit!”

From the beginning of my reawakening, pennies have been a sign from Spirit to trust the process.

As I continued my walk, I came across the Aliso Creek, flowing through ~ and was reminded how the water finds its way around and over the rocks and over the dirt to find its path. I looked all around me and found shrubs, trees, and even wildflowers growing out of the very dry dirt. Spirit reminding me the flow of life and abundance in all conditions. I marveled and soaked in as lizards scurried across my path, dragonflies, beetles, and all sorts of birds flew around me in their natural habitat. Having the water to drink, the flowers and berries to receive their food.


I took a deep breath in and allowed for this abundance to flow, flow through every fiber of my being, my heart and soul. Thank you Spirit, God, Goddess, All That Is. So Much Gratitude!!

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