We all enjoy, love, receiving a gesture, gift from someone. Whether family or friends we cannot deny the excitement of unwrapping a present, even if it doesn’t come with a shiny red bow to slowly untie. The feeling on the inside is the same.

“Yay! A present for me!!”

For some of us, mixed with that excitement is uneasiness. The thought that somehow this gesture is uneven now and we must right it up, and quick! Or that the person giving the gift is now wanting something back from us, a pay back or payoff, and we must now figure out what that is and give it to them or receiving this gift will be riddled with guilt and unbalance.

Recently, I have been the recipient of many gifts (Thank You Universe!). No, not from an inheritance or from a handsome new gentleman (I’m still working my manifestation magick for him!); but in beautiful, thoughtful ways.

There is a regular customer at both stores I manage, Awakenings Center for Conscious Living and Awakenings Center for Visions & Dreams, who comes in quite often. Around Christmas he came to one of my sound baths, and the next week into one of the stores perusing as usual. We said hello and then I went into a reading.

When I came out, my co-worker handed me a gift card to the stores and said that the customer had bought it for me and a necklace for her. I slowly opened it and it was worth $100! I was so surprised! He is known for buying gifts for people, but I certainly didn’t expect anything.

After my excitement and surprise subsided a bit, I thought “I can’t repay this! How can I?” I knew that was not his intention, but it was a bit difficult for me to easily receive from anyone, let alone someone I barely knew.

My next thought was, “Oh yay! I can buy Christmas presents!”

But as I drove home, my higher self explained that this was a gift to me, for me. I needed to receive it for myself. They reminded me that he is a giver, there are no strings attached, to just receive. I let that sink in. Then I thought what could I get? I don’t always have $100 to spend freely, so what is it I want?

Then I remembered this gorgeous Clear Quartz and Moldavite pendant at the other store I had wanted. When I first saw it I exclaimed, “I’m going to manifest that beauty!” But when I went into the store with gift card in hand, it was gone. I was a bit saddened. So not having something else that I truly wanted to spend the money on, I decided to hold onto the gift card.

Within two days a box arrived at the store with a buffalo drum. I had been working on manifesting a drum for my healings for over a year! I asked my boss if it was for someone and he said no.

“Hello beautiful new buffalo healing drum!” Manifestation magick!

The following week I saw the customer in the store and went over to thank him. He asked what I had purchased with the gift card, and I told him the story. He said that he had felt that there was something I had wanted to get, and he was happy that I was able to.

For Christmas, my boss gave me the Clear Quartz and Moldavite necklace I had wanted! He pulled it out of the jewelry case as soon as he learned I had wanted it to ensure that it would not be sold!

A few weeks ago, the customer was once again in the store. We chatted for a bit in between my clients. When I came out of my next reading, the same co-worker was getting ready to leave. She handed me a velvet jewelry box with a receipt wrapped around it. She said that the customer had once again bought her a necklace and bought one for me as well. These velvet black jewelry boxes are no $20 necklaces, they are gorgeous with a pretty little price tag.

I said, “No, he didn’t.” She said, “Yes, he did.”

She handed me the box and explained that she got to pick which one she wanted. She was already wearing it, it was sparkling and gorgeous greens and blues.

As she left she said, “Enjoy it, it’s a gift.”

I opened the box and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen! It was big, and like my co-workers, also sparkled green and blue, gorgeous, and did I say it was big? (Picture above)

My eyes actually left the beauty it was captivating and landed on the tag below:

Columbian Obsidian and Blue Topaz


Columbian Obsidian (the triangle) is a natural obsidian formed in the last 2 million years from the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Columbia. This lush obsidian connects heart and throat chakra’s releasing stress, providing clarity and serenity. Stimulates creativity and abundance.

Blue Topaz aids in the search for the truth. Helps in times of stress. A manifestation stone. Allows one to be able to communicate their desires effectively.

Oh my goddess!

It was one of the most expensive presents I have ever received.


And I have loving family. I was married once.


They were the perfect crystals for what I was currently working on.

I closed the box and was in shock.

I wasn’t quite sure how to receive this, or if I could receive this. How do you just receive something like this from someone, especially someone you barely know? How do I just accept it? How do I explain it? What do I say to people? What will people think?

I came home and showed my daughter and her boyfriend, and they thought, “Oh he likes you.” I explained that he does this for other people too, other co-workers. And they said, “Mm hhhmm.”

I decided to text my boss, sending him a picture. He was just as shocked as I was. I told him that I was having a hard time receiving it. He reminded me that the customer does this all the time, he is a giver. He gives because he enjoys giving. There are no strings attached. Receive it.

I knew that he was right, so I worked on letting that sink in.

I decided to put the necklace in its open pretty box on my dresser, so I could soak in its beauty. I thought for a moment to black out the price, maybe it wouldn’t stand out, staring at me so blaringly.

My higher self thought otherwise.

“You are worthy of this gift. You are deserving of someone spending money on you no matter the cost and no matter who it is. Receive.”

I left the price.

The next morning, I woke up wanting to wear the necklace. I stood in my closet staring at my clothes for about ten minutes trying to figure out what could possibly be good enough, classy enough, worthy enough to wear with the necklace.

I wasn’t going to a dinner party, or a fancy date. I was going to work. I found something that just might be suitable enough.


I put on the necklace and I felt like a queen. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t astral traveling into Queen Elizabeth II, as I was currently watching “The Crown”, but I sure felt like one!

The vibrations of worthiness and deservedness popped up again.

“Am I really worthy of wearing such a beautiful piece?”

Memories of my childhood began to flood my mind. Times when as kids we got powdered milk and my step-dad got regular milk. Times when I was told I wasn’t good enough or old enough to have what others had.

Times when someone gave something to me, but then always wanted something in return, always had that added statement of “I’m giving this to you because I want that from you.”

I closed my eyes and breathed through the feelings, shifting them out. I reminded myself that I am a worthy and deserving soul, that the Universe wants to give me things, wants me to be able to receive.

I also thought about all the things I was wanting to manifest into my life.

There is a natural balance in giving and receiving. If you are not allowing yourself to receive even the little things like a friend buying you coffee, then how can the Universe give you something more?

Like that awesome job with all the cushy benefits?

That super cute car that’s been catching your eye?

Or all that financial abundance you’ve been working on manifesting?

If we are not allowing ourselves to receive, we are essentially telling the Universe, “No thank you.”

I admired her on me. That beautiful new necklace that sparkled between my throat chakra and heart center. I could feel that she was mine. I could feel that the Universe picked her out just for me.

“YES! Yes please!” I beamed at myself in my bathroom mirror.

And the compliments I received that day confirmed it, “Oh MayLynne, she’s perfect for you!”

The next time I saw the customer I gave him a hug and thanked him. I told him of the healing process it had been for me to accept.

He said, “It felt like the right one for you. It gives me joy to give to others. I don’t expect or want anything in return. It is a pleasure for me to be able to do so.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe!

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