A friend recently asked me how I was able to do my work in Spirituality when I was raised with the Christian belief. “Isn’t that wrong?” She asked. My answer is simple, “I have experienced it. To deny Spirituality would be to deny my life.”

When I was a little girl I vividly saw images of beings all around me, all the time. In our bedroom, my sister and I had windows close to the ceiling. Every day and night I saw Spirits watching over me through those windows, giving me a feeling of being guided, protected and reminding me I was not alone. I never told a soul. It wasn’t because I thought people would think I was crazy, I just didn’t think I was the only one seeing them.

In most religions there’s God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Guess what? They’re all there with you in Spirituality as well. It’s an expansion of even that. For example: isn’t it nice to have a friend that you can call and talk to when you’re having a bad day, or share some exciting news? A friend that you can call and ask their advice or ask them to lift you up in prayer or send some positive thoughts and light your way? Imagine just for a moment having 20 friends…100 friends…or even an unlimited amount of friends just like that. Friends that are there for you whenever you need, walking step by step, helping guide you in meditation and listening to your prayers. Pretty dang awesome, right? That’s the expansiveness of Spirituality – God, Goddess and all there is, Spirit, the Universe, Spirit Guides and Angels.
Have you ever had a gut feeling that something was going to happen? Good or not so good, it doesn’t matter. And suddenly you found yourself saying, “I knew that was going to happen!” That’s your intuition. We all have it. It’s the Divine guidance to not turn left or to turn right, whatever it may be. It’s the guidance for our highest good. That’s what Spirituality is about, following our intuition, our Divine guidance.

Spirituality is not about the disowning or separation of God, but the understanding that we are one in the collective of the whole. One with the source. An attribute of the Divine Infinite Source. Spirituality is the expansion and evolvement of oneself of the understanding that you have the power within to speak your truth. Not the truth of others because that is what they believe or what they are saying. The truth that is within the core of your being. Spirituality is the power to will yourself to not be controlled by others and to not control others. The power of choice. The choice to not be in judgement of others or oneself. To live without fear but in the faith that you are Divinely guided and supported. And the powerful choice to forgive others and most importantly yourself. To spread kindness, peace and love to the world, but most importantly within yourself.

Why wouldn’t God want that for all mankind? He is love and we are all part of that collective. We are love.
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