I see you over there in the shadows
Lurking and skirting around in the darkness that you are
Waiting for your moment
Your moment to pounce… once again.
The slew of words coming at me
Sometimes so fast that I cannot hear them all
But they only get louder and louder
Until my mind is pulsating in the darkness.
I am aware now
Aware of what you do
Aware of the twists and turns
The lengths at which you will go
And the lies that you will utter
Just to get your way.
I look back and see all those years that I was not aware
All those years that I sat listening and believing your spew of words
Tears rolling down my cheeks
All those years of feeling there was no other way to be,
No other way to believe,
No other way to think, to see
All those years of staying in the darkness you created.
Gratefully, the light began to shine through my walls.
A new vision appeared
One of light,
One of joy,
One of love,
One of understanding.
The light then began to shine on you
Onto your deep, dark shadows you’ve held within your caves
Revealing your truth of the fear you are in.
You have fight in you
You begin screaming and casting the dark shadows every chance you can
In an effort to overshadow the light.
But the light has made me aware of your treason
So, I shall not back down
The light has become my ally
The undeniable, unconditional, all-encompassing love
And we shall shine the light unto your dark shadows to reveal.
Be Not Afraid for we will not leave you here.
Into your depths, we will wash away your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs
And we will bring the light, joy, understanding, and love.
We are here and You Are Loved.


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