Recently, I woke up with the full-blown effects of the flu. It came seemingly out of nowhere and I was not happy, basically moaning to Spirit, “Of all the days, this is the day I am sick? This is the moment you choose to have me laying miserably on the couch? My family is here and I’m not even going to be able to enjoy myself.”

“Rest,” Spirit said.

“Oi vey, do I even have a choice?” I replied. I didn’t want to spend this special time, my family time alone. “It’s boring and lonely,” I mumbled.

I spent the next week between binge watching Netflix, taking Epsom salt baths, meditations, and I got reacquainted with sleep. What a beautiful thing sleep is! I found myself in quiet moments, with a clear mind to be able to easily go deep within. I didn’t have the thoughts and daily task lists running through my mind because I had been pulled away from all of that.

I began surrendering into these moments and asking Spirit, “What is it you are wanting me to see that I myself am not allowing myself to see? What is it that I am needing to take from this experience?”

This alone time that I was first so upset about, gave me the opportunity to discover some of the deepest cores of my wounds. It showed me how I was only self-loving myself on the surface, and not deeply within where I could allow self-love to grow like a garden. It was healing in the most beautiful, magical way.

When struggle or a crisis hits our lives, it is the human conditioning for us to allow it to soak us up, to sink within the walls that the struggle and/or crisis is wrapping us in. And we keep ourselves wrapped up in the darkness because we feel there is no other way. That somehow, we are deserving of this and we must just sit in it until the time that the struggle and/or crisis is over.

Reaching that point of discomfort is important because it makes us move, it makes us shift into ways we never thought possible.

To become so uncomfortable to have no other choice but to wiggle free of the cocoon that entraps us. Maybe it doesn’t make sense what is in front of us. Maybe we only see where we are standing in this moment and the goal at the other end of the horizon, but the path there is hidden.

That is where the journey is though isn’t it? That place of discomfort is where we find our true selves, where we are on the ground crying out to the Divine, “Where am I?” can we see what we are truly made of.

It is where we find our strength.

It is where we find our courage.

It is where we find our determination.

It is where we find our discipline.

It is where we find our love for ourselves.

It is where we find the Divine.

Standing beside us, within us with guidance, support and unconditional love.

Breathing into us the knowledge that everything lies within us. That we are complete and whole. We are of light, peace and love. We must simply remember.

Remember who we are and why we are here.

Removing the veil that has kept us in the dark, in the muck and clouds – that has kept us forgetting.

The Divine is always here to remind us.

Are we allowing them to speak?

Are we giving them time to guide us?

Are we listening?

Are we hearing their words of comfort and guidance?

Are we paying attention?

Or are we turning our backs and looking the other way? Are we ignoring their pleas of surrender choosing to sit on the floor of discomfort instead?

The programming of all that once was that did not allow for change controls our lives. What we are learning is that there is now the ability to make a different choice. This is a time of enlightening. To bring light to the darkness. To reach beyond the limitations and into the vastness of the horizon to depths and ways of being not yet reached and thought implausible. One of cognitive passion, happiness and inner love that which drives us to the core of our soul and purpose.

How do we allow for such a transformation?

Sitting on the floor of discomfort and allowing yourself to reach for the light.

Acknowledging that there must be movement, but more importantly, that you have the ABILITY to move. You do not have to or need to stay where you are.

Allowing yourself to feel the emotions. Letting them flow and releasing. If you do not allow for the release of the emotions, you cannot allow for the light to come in.

Know the Divine loves you unconditionally. Feel the love of the Divine.

Go within and surrender. Let go of the worry, the fear. “Let fear be embraced by Divine Love.” You are not meant to suffer, but to prosper in all ways/areas of your life.

Set goals/create an action plan in a way of not overwhelming the self, of what you are reaching for. Set mini goals within the process that are attainable. One did not learn to run a marathon in a day. It takes practice, time, determination and discipline.

Self-love Be loving, kind, compassionate, gentle and patient with yourself. In times that you may fall, get back up, dust yourself off and keep moving. Tune in and give your body what it is needing: Epsom salt bath, a nap, a walk, journaling, talk with a friend.

What is my lesson? What are you learning from this experience/turmoil? Asking your guides for assistance with this if you are not sure what your lesson is.

Understanding that is why we are here, on this Earth plane. To remember to reach for new ways of being. To allow change of thought, a transformation of being into the soul’s evolvement of the true self. You’re a Divine soul, one with source.

Make room for the change, clear out, release the old.

Like the caterpillar emerging from the cocoon,

Be the butterfly.

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