Yesterday, I took some time out for myself and went to the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation with my journal and crystals in hand. It was a beautiful day, not too hot with a little breeze. I found my comfy spot and set up. I dug my feet into the sand for some grounding and just laid my head back on my chair and closed my eyes just allowing the sun rays to soak through me. Then I began automatic writing with my higher self and one of my guides, gloriously connecting with them and Gaia. Pure love!

After a little while I began to notice that my mind started thinking of the to do list at home. You know, that never ending list that keeps going and going. Especially running your own business, there is literally always something to do! I noticed thoughts of guilt creeping in, “I’ve been here long enough, I should go home,” and “What I have to do at home is more important than sitting at the beach.”
Now I have spent a great deal of time on working on allowing myself and my clients the guilt free pleasures and necessities of taking care of oneself. If we’re not taking care of ourselves, how do we possibly expect to properly take care of anyone or anything else? It becomes overwhelming, tiring, exhausting and we can even allow that to flood to our emotions becoming grumpy and angry.
I suddenly heard my higher self, “Stay right where you are!” So I dug my feet deeper into the sand.
We spend so much time making sure that our cars are in perfect condition and our houses are immaculate – no dust, no streaks and no messes. We even take care of other people sometimes. Maybe running errands for them, taking them places to get their hair done or their nails, doctor appointments. But how much time do we really allow on ourself? It’s that old limiting belief that we are being selfish and greedy. But that’s not the truth. There is nothing more important than taking care of ourself.
We are like a flower. We need water, proper soil, tending, to remove the leaves that have yellowed, to soak in the sun’s warm rays. Getting enough rest, eating healthy, going for a walk, taking a yoga class and even spending a relaxing day at the beach helps our cells, our body, mind and spirit rejuvenate. It’s honoring and respecting the temple that we are. Caring and loving of oneself is meant for all beings and that includes you ~ without the attachment to guilt and shame. The more care and love you give to yourself, the more vibrant you shall feel.

Be one with yourself ~ take care and love yourself in all that you do. 
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