Dreams and visions for me have always been more of a symbolic/figurative nature, over literal. The timing of when the prophetic dreams will come true is something I have had to learn to detach from. Some happening the next day, the next week, several months, or years later.

About two and a half years ago I began having dreams that our state/country was under attack or at war. The multiple dreams showed a range of me looking out my bedroom window and seeing emergency vehicles, to walking on hills with small fires everywhere, to riding in a helicopter trying to find safe places with my friends ~ under bridges and in homes while small bombs went off, to a tsunami coming our way.

The dreams never showed where and who the attacks were coming from, only that there was darkness and crisis happening. Interestingly, my friends and I were calm. We were all trying to find the peace, find the calm and find resolution.

At the time, I didn’t tune in to whether it was a literal or figurative dream. I only sensed that something major was going to “turn our world upside down.”

The other day as I was facilitating a healing, thoughts of Jesus began to flood my mind. Thoughts of the actual timing of the season we are approaching in our country ~ Spring, thoughts of timing of Easter. The crucifixion of Jesus and the resurrection from the dead.

The synchronicity was so powerful to me.

How in the coming of Spring we declutter, do “Spring cleaning” to get the cobwebs from behind the dresser or under the couch. We tend to the soil, plant seeds and water them to grow.

In religious belief systems it is the time of Lent as we come to the crucifixion of Jesus where he died for our sins. And he resurrected showing us there is new life, new birth, and for us to establish and empower a new way of being.

So impactful I feel in this time of our lives, our communities, our states, country and the world. In an essence, we are being stripped of our normal daily lives, our freedoms.

The destruction is real, the tearing down of all that we knew before, “fires” symbolizing the burning of old ways, looking for supplies for survival, searching for safety. The tsunami representing our personal emotions and the cleansing of all that has been.

We are in our homes, learning to live our lives in a different way. To be at home 24/7 with our family, to become teachers and true co-inhabitants, to find a way to work from home for those of us able to, to go outside more and exercise our bodies, to reflect, to pray & meditate, to become still so we can breathe, breathe deeper.

A lot of healers use the same practice as I do for rituals. When we are wanting to release the old and set an intention and manifest new into our lives, we write out what it is we are wanting to let go of and we burn it in a cauldron or something else safe. The embers being released into the universe in a symbolization of letting go. We then use water to flush, clear, cleanse and purify what has been released and what we are wanting to bring forth.

The same symbolizations in my dreams ~ fire and water.

So much opportunity in this time of allowing the old to die to bring in the new. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

It is my wish for everyone to utilize this time to create new for you. What is it that is ready to be birthed within you, your family, your life and your world?

I cannot wait to see all that we have brought to life!

**Please know that I am not an expert in the biblical aspects of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. I love him and feel his presence often. These are my own thoughts, feelings and vibrations of the time that is.


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