Lovely Souls,

I wanted to reach out and offer an invitation for reflection of our intention moving through this very interesting, challenging, and opportune time in our reality.

It is part of the human experience to have and feel fear. In each of us fear can show up in many ways ~ sometimes in small aspects, some massively affecting all areas of our lives and/or a major part of our lives.

Fear charges us like a bull and says, “Come on, come and get me, let’s see what you’ve got.” Fear does not cower away; it does not scamper off. I have often said, “When fear challenges us, there is no side door, no back alley, there is no way around fear. You can only face it and move through it, move beyond it.”

How we move through and beyond is to reflect on where is your fear, where are you fueling your fear, what are you feeding into the vibration of fear? In the current situation, is your fear in contracting the illness, running out of food & supplies, being quarantined ~ separated from others, and/or the economic impact individually, as a country, and globally?

When we can recognize where we are fueling our fear, and remember, each of us has it, we can then take it one step further and see where that triggers other areas of our lives. Did you or do you have a serious health condition? Have you felt separated from others? Have there been times when there was not enough food, or even deeper when you went hungry?
Do you have core wounds with financial stability and maintaining security? Or have you received information about a past life when you experienced one or more of these dynamics?

Interestingly, ironically, serendipitously in Spirit’s way, Spring is upon us. Spring is about clearing out the weeds, tending and sowing the soil, nourishing the soil, planting the seeds, watering and caring for what you have planted. What it is within your life that you are wanting to make anew? What are you wanting to plant and bring to life? What kind of world do you want to live in?

This is the opportunity that this current situation is bringing to you, to all of us to heal. In what ways can you stop fueling that fear, whether with one or more aspects, and bring back your power within you.

When you face the fear, “I see you, I hear you, I allow myself to take control of my thoughts and feelings, I take my power back, and I am ready to move through and beyond you.” Always breathing and bringing it back in with forgiveness and love. Then, allow yourself to put your light, your intention, your breath and love into what it is you want to grow for yourself, for the community, for the world.

It is freeing.

As we shift our vibration within ourselves to light and love, we then shift our vibrations out to the world of light and love. What a beautiful world that is!

My intention and wish for your and the world are for health, vibrancy and the strength to grow beyond fear and into a new world of light, love and unity. Magical blessings.

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