Yesterday I was having a phone conversation with one of my beautiful amazing friends. This was the first time that we had talked during this unprecedented time. We were talking about how even after two months in, there is still some uncertainty, some unsurety how it will all unfold. And yes, that is true for those of us that are intuitives and work to help guide others.

While there has been, hopefully for all of us, co~creation with Spirit in that what we are wanting to bring forth, there are possibly parts that we can’t fully see yet.

Spirit is keeping parts hidden so that we continue to allow for the

letting go, the release, the surrender.

The surrender of needing to know the how, why, when and where of all of the details. The purpose of that is to allow us to be in the moment, to be present within ourselves. Which is what this unprecedented time is showing us.

It brings us an opportunity to dive in deeper into ourselves, our soul and our healing so when we come out of this time, we glow as the shining lights that we are.

If you find yourself frustrated because parts seem foggy, take some deep breaths and relax. Allow yourself to surrender deeper and ask Spirit what is it that they are wanting to show you, what is it that you are needing to heal and work through to bring through more clarity.

In the part that we can’t see

~there is purposeful meaning

~there is understanding that we are healing

~there is acceptance of what is

~there is growth

~there is co~creation

~there is renewal

~there is gratitude

The flower cannot fully see the sun before it unfolds, and yet,

it still blooms.

I hope that you have found and will continue to find your purpose within these moments. Sending you all light and magical blessings.


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