A few years ago, I began taking part in the November gratitude challenge on Facebook. Every day of the month of November, writing out what I was grateful for. It was a beautiful exercise that brought me into my truths of everything I would forget to be grateful for on an everyday basis. Why? Because of life, because of time.

This year, I have thought about doing it again, but I have not been able to because of… well, time.

The past few months have been busier than ever. Exciting growth with my business ‘MayLynne’ ~ with Spirit’s urging, making an investment to have a complete overhaul with my website (it’s truly going to be absolutely gorgeous and amazing!!), creating online courses to reach more souls around the world, recording channeled meditations, and so much more! I’m also the Manager of two of the largest metaphysical centers in all of California – Awakenings Center for Conscious Living and Awakenings Center for Visions and Dreams. And I’m a Momma, who doesn’t always have her babies with me, but when I do, they have my full presence. (Well, not so much babies anymore, they’re both taller than me! Haha!)

And then there is maintaining a healthy lifestyle: meditation ~ processing ~ and healing time, healthy eating and an exercise regimen.

Most of my days start out quite early and end quite late.

Life is busy!

Time is a funny character. Certain things often feel like we are constantly striving to achieve, and the timing of its arrival is a smidge beyond our grasp. Will it ever come to be Divine timing?

And yet, time appears to escape us as it is the middle of November.


Even my teenage boy said, “Mom, this year is going faster than ever!” Son, you truly have no idea.

I found myself this week with two major schedule changes. An event and a reading shift that needed to be cancelled. I wondered why this was happening. A sound healing and a reading shift that allowed me to connect with Spirit, and Spirit whisking them away. “You need to be in the physical. You need some time to relax.” My friend gently told me. I pondered that for a moment.

Then I quickly tried to work in my head ways that I could schedule work in during my available times and catch up on a couple of things. But even that continuously got shifted around. I truly didn’t know what to do.

Our kitty Lennon, loves to go on our patio and explore. This morning as a treat, I thought that I would go out with him for a little bit and let him have a little bit of freedom.

As I sat there I thought about how nice it was to have just a little bit of time. This time that has escaped me.

And then I saw the beauty that Spirit was giving. I saw the gift that Spirit was giving me.


And I exhaled.

Time is a gift.

Time is in our past ~ things that in our humanness we are unwilling to take a look at, things that we regret, things that we are afraid to heal. Things that we’d like to change but haven’t stepped into it yet. Opportunities that we could have grasped, but chose not to.

Time is elusiveness ~ things that we are always trying to meet up to, trying to achieve, reaching into the future of things not quite yet here.

Time is now ~ it is the present. It is this moment. Time is where we are standing, what we are being, how we are being and what we are reflecting.

When we take the time, or we are given the time by Spirit to fully grasp what time truly is… it is invaluable.

Time reminds us where we’ve been, the road/journey that we have traveled.

Time reminds us that if we’ve used our time wisely we have gathered much, acknowledged much, learned much and integrated much into our life, journey and soul.

Time reminds us that life is always happening, that there is always opportunity, opportunity is always upon us ~ always at our feet, our fingertips, our doorstep.

Time reminds us that change is always possible. That integration is always plausible.

Time reminds us where we are headed. That there is always a vast horizon to gaze upon and reach towards, but that we must first gaze upon the present.

Time reminds us that this present moment is the most valuable time. It is the most precious. Because in this moment all is being created.

This morning time reminded me that as I strive to be the best I can be in each day, that how I am in each moment is imperative to how I will be. Am I striving for my highest good? Am I using my time wisely to create what is for my highest good?

What does that even mean?

It means checking in at least on a daily basis and asking, “What is the best use of my time today? What is it that my body, mind and soul needs in this moment that reaches towards a more authentic me?”

Is it writing a blog, calling my Mom, taking an extra-long bath, cleaning my house, doing an extra meditation, taking a nap, calling a friend, or working on that project I keep putting off?

The humanness in us, human life, time constraints, can get in the way of doing what is for our highest good. We make excuses, we feel guilty, we’re too tired and exhausted, we’d rather sit on the couch watching our current favorite addicting show rather than doing a meditation, even if it is 9:00 pm and the first time we’ve sat down all dang day. (My current addiction is ‘Reign’ on Netflix – oh my!!) And not that those moments aren’t important as well, it’s just that how often are we making that excuse?

Today I am grateful for my Spirit induced time. For it created this blog. Something in my normal crazy, hectic day I might have put off… for who knows how long.

I am grateful for you Time. Thank you for all you have taught me!

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