Great Being, we are one with you. This is a very auspicious time on the planet, indeed. A moment of truth. The time is now.

The moment of when you make a choice. You have all come to the fork in the road, decisions/choices coming left and right at you, even smacking you in the face. It is the time, the moment to decide, individually and as a collective. 

“How will you proceed?”

What choice are you going to make this time? For it cannot continue as it has. So many have known this for a long time, climbing up their mountain, but others, most, are still waking up to this understanding.

The old paradigms of old are crumbling deteriorating. You cannot survive under them any longer. Your Soul, your Higher Self, Spirit and the Universe are pleading with you to wake up.

The fear within keeps you where you stand. Whether in limiting belief, low self-esteem, delusion of unworthiness, addictions to behaviors, way of being, and/or the inability to acknowledge you can make a different choice.

What hope do you hold for yourself? Your children, grandchildren, family, the world?

You play a piece in that future. Whether small or big ~ size does not matter. What matters is that you move forward.

Our channel often says, “You can’t walk around fear. There are no side doors, no alleyways.” We agree. Fear dissipates as you acknowledge, accept, heal and move through what it is at the root of it.

“Many are stuck on the ideal of survival. How will I survive through this change, this move forward, this way of new being?”

We ask, “Are you surviving now?”

You are living, breathing, experiencing, yes. But are you truly living the life you desire? Are you happy, fulfilled? Most of you are not. You are living a belief that there is no other way to live, to be. That this is normal. It is not.

And many will say, “But isn’t this all an illusion anyways?” And we say, “Is it the illusion you want to be in?” You are still experiencing it: your choice.

Your soul chose a human experience to learn, grow, evolve, feel. In all of that was the power to change ~ to make the evolving choices to grasp the lessons at hand. 

A choice is a movement to either make a change, or continue standing where you are.

To change is to make a choice.

You are empowered to make a choice to make a change.

~ Adona, Channeled by MayLynne 2/6/19

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