It’s happened. I’ve become the Momma of an empty nest. In the same month my daughter moved out to go and become an adult, and my son who lives with his Dad, got a job, so I will be seeing him less and less.  At first, I handled this transition pretty well, enjoying my time being able to meditate whenever I wanted, watching whatever TV show that I wanted, and most of all, not wondering what time my daughter might come home in the middle of the night and wake me up! lol

Some moments began to creep up where I would get lonely while I was at home. Over the years I’ve worked hard on learning how to be okay with being on my own, to not be consumed with being alone, learning to love myself, self-care, and diving into my spiritual practice, journaling/processing, and learning to find things that I enjoy to do on my own. It’s an important state to be good in during your spiritual journey. It’s natural and normal though, to have moments of loneliness, it’s part of the human nature.

At this same time, though, I started to feel this within other areas of my life. The interesting thing was that nothing was truly wrong in any of the other areas, I was just perceiving that something was wrong because timing wasn’t working out right.

I was being triggered. My inner child was being triggered.

Triggered back to times in my childhood when I was a latch-key child and no one was home when I came home. My Mom worked six days a week to support us. And those other moments when I didn’t feel that anyone was listening to what I had to say.

Triggers are when we are affected by something someone says, does, an experience and/or situation that is happening in our lives. It bothers us. It unnerves us. It’s like an itch that won’t go away. And most of the time, it will link back to a similar experience that we had in our past, even going back to our adolescence or childhood.

Triggers are meant to get us moving, for us to take action. An action in healing a part of ourselves that is bubbling up because we are ready.

We are ready to heal this aspect of ourselves.

The trick is for us to notice what is happening.

Notice that something is bothering us.

Acknowledge what it is, being honest with yourself even if it is a dark shadow or judgement within yourself.

See if you can find a link to a past experience. There might be multiple experiences coming up, and that is okay.

Work your processing and healing magic. Allowing yourself to feel all that needs to be expressed.

Forgive yourself and others if needed.

Releasing and letting go.

When you find that an experience or situation no longer triggers you, you are at peace with it, then you have healed that aspect of yourself.

Start being aware to see if you are being triggered in any way. Wishing you swift action, and a magical day!


Image by: Kapa65 Pixabay

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