Understandably all of us will experience waves of fear, anxiety, and frustration during this time, even if we are approaching this experience with positivity, light and love. It is part of the human experience.

As no one intended a world pandemic, each of us individually will have an opportunity for healing ~ most likely a core wound with health, finances, isolation and/or abandonment.

It is up to us individually as a soul to heal so that the world can heal.

During those waves of emotions, it is important for us to take notice, to pay attention, acknowledge, accept, take time, process and work on healing them. Turning our head, pushing the emotion down, repressing them can lead to an unhealthy state of mind, body and soul, unhealthy behaviors such as poor eating, seclusion (not getting outside), nonstop TV, video, or social media binging.

This is abandonment of the self.

These are behaviors that can be difficult to climb out of even when life is flowing like rainbows and unicorns.
Here are some suggestions to move through and heal yourself, as well as with and through this experience:

• Take the focus off the fear, the virus. Again, this is not always easy, but the more that you can be mindful of it, the more that you can move from consuming and feeding the fear, the virus, and into something that you are wanting to build or create for yourself and your life.

• Take back your power with light & love and into your power center (the solar plexus), knowing that you have the power of the state of your body, mind and soul.

• Do get outside ~ allow yourself to take walks, run, go for bike rides ~ you can do this while practicing safe social distancing. This is giving you fresh air, an abundance of oxygen, and Vitamin D, all while receiving the suns warmth & healing rays. It also feeds your power center.

• Eating ~ while snacking & treating yourself is fine, over consuming can lead to more issues. Grabbing for that snack almost always is done out of boredom, fear and repression of feelings. The limiting belief tells us we are comforted by what we are consuming. Truly though, this only works in the moment. Five minutes later and beyond, the issue, the emotion is still there. Mindful snacking helps to alleviate what can become addictive eating.

• Journaling ~ yep, I’m saying it once again. It is always my #1 tool, and yes, I practice it myself almost every single night. Journaling is an excellent tool for releasing bottled up emotions and feelings. Allow yourself to speak freely in your journal. Almost always you will receive some clarity and understanding just by releasing what is cluttering the mind. And remember, you don’t have to show it to anyone. This is just for you.

• Spend time in prayer and meditation. It doesn’t have to be to get information, this moment is again just about decluttering the mind. Breathing out the clutter, breathing in peace.

• Epsom salt baths ~ the relaxation and cleansing effect is extremely powerful. Epsom or Himalayan Salt acts as an energetic cleanser and helps to stimulate the release of stagnant energy, even what you might be feeling in others and as a collective.

• White light ~ surround yourself with white light every day as a protective energy and to help alleviate the vibrations of others and the collective.

• Headphones ~ a few of my friends have shared with me that if they need to run errands, they are wearing headphones while playing healing tone music. I love this idea if you need to be in the vicinity of people, especially grocery stores! This helps to set a boundary with what you are interacting with and feeling.

• Crystals ~ some excellent crystals to keep near you during this time are:

  • Selenite ~ considered the white light and powerful cleansing crystal
  • Black Tourmaline ~ helps to alleviate negative energy within the self and others
  • Apophyllite & Blue Lace Agate ~ calming stones that help with stress and anxiety
  • Citrine ~ as an excellent power center (solar plexus) stone, it is also a wonderful cleanser and purifier

Of course, it’s always good to feel into what you are being guided to use and have near you, as this would be specific for you.


I wish you, your loved ones, and the world, light, health, healing and love.

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