Many times throughout my career as a professional reader I have heard, “What you’re saying, makes no sense to me whatsoever.”

Sure, I’ve definitely had my moments of my Ego popping in and saying, “Oh, you aren’t right here!”

But in those moments I’ve also pushed through them and learned to trust the information that I’m receiving and saying it anyway.

To a reader, our job is to trust what Spirit is bringing through, and it is our responsibility to deliver it. We use our intuitive abilities: hearing, listening, seeing, knowing, to put all the pieces of the information together and deliver the message.

It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

There are times when the reader doesn’t have all the pieces, they’re just being shown one aspect and being expected to deliver it. It’s building trust. Spirit is entrusting the reader to relay the information, and the reader is trusting Spirit with the information that is being received.

I’ve had a couple of these instances stand out, one about three years ago and the second very recently, that I’d like to share with you. Nope, not boasting at all, truly. Haha  Just want to share the magical way in which Spirit works and that sometimes it may seem nonsensical in the moment, but open mindedness, trusting, and Diving timing are the key to everything.

About three years ago I was giving a reading to a woman who is about 5’10”, dark hair, and in her own words, “dresses goth-like”. She is magical, but was a bit intimidating. In her reading she asked why she was still in Utah. I replied, “You are meeting people, networking.”

“I hate it here, I don’t want to live here anymore.” She replied.

“I’m seeing that you will be opening a business, an apothecary store. Like the one in the movie Practical Magic that Sandra Bullock’s character opens. I’m seeing that you are going to create tinctures and things with essential oils.”

“I don’t like essential oils. I don’t even use them for myself. It can’t imagine myself doing anything like that at all.” She said.

I had seen her in the store a few times after that. We never discussed the reading, and I wasn’t sure how it ever turned out.

That is, until a few months ago. I was working at Awakenings and happened answered the phone. It was the same client. After we took care of the business of why she had called, she said, “MayLynne, do you remember me? I’m the woman who dresses goth-like. You gave me a reading a few years back about the essential oils and living in Utah, and I pretty much told you that you were crazy.”

“Yes, I do remember you.” In my mind was more like, “Uh yeah, of course!! How could I not?” Because I ain’t gonna lie, you always wonder, “Was I reading it correctly? Did it happen that way?”

“I wanted to let you know that I am moving back to Utah as we speak. All those people that I was meeting and networking with, I’m currently opening up a shop that is exactly what you said. I absolutely cannot get enough of essential oils!”

She went on to say that she wanted to let me know that she would never had seen that for herself or had been open to anything about it had Spirit not relayed that message to her on that day.

Sometimes it takes someone 100 times to hear a message about something in order for them to be open, in order for them to make a move in the direction that is calling them. No matter who that person is that is relaying the information: family, friend, reader – they may be the first person or the 100th person, the important thing is that the message is being delivered.

Recently, I had another experience of where the information from Spirit was not making sense to my client that I’d like to share.

My client came in for a reading on a Monday. Two weeks prior, her house had been broken into while she was out of town. The robbers took random things from toothpaste, used razors, olive oil, expensive clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes, and sentimental items.

As we went through the reading, I clearly saw an image of one of the robbers caught on tape.

“There is a video surveillance of one of the robbers. They can clearly see him. I feel like he will be caught.”

“I don’t have video surveillance at home, inside or outside of my home. There would be no way for them to have that.” My client responded.

Again, there was a clear image, just like what a video surveillance would look like if you were watching it on a monitor. “I’m clearly seeing this image. It’s one man, caught on the surveillance.”

I continued, “It may not make sense in this moment, but it is a clear vision, so just be open to what it might be. Maybe in a few weeks or so it will make more sense.”

As we finished out our reading, I told her to keep me posted on what unfolds.

On Wednesday of the same week, I received this email from my client:

“Do you remember when you said to me that you thought there was video surveillance of the thieves….well, how about this? Today I went online to ‘my Lowe’s’ website to find the make and model number of my oven b/c something is not working properly.  When I looked at my archived receipts, I noticed there was recent transaction that I did not make, for just under 100.00 on 4/30/18 which was probably the same day as my burglary (my Ring doorbell went offline at 4:44am on 4/30 after the router was stolen)….I saw on the transaction that they used a gift card to Lowe’s belonging to me, and they scanned my Lowe’s reward card which linked their fraudulent purchase to my account.  SO!!  I called loss prevention at Lowe’s to ask if they had video surveillance of the suspect making that purchase….VOILA  they have excellent clear videotaped footage of him at the self-checkout (which has especially good cameras because of the higher risk of theft).  Because he was dumb enough to use my reward card, I was able to provide the transaction # which linked up with their video surveillance! 

So you were RIGHT –there IS video footage.

We were both in complete awe of how it had all come together and unfolded – all those pieces and steps to get to a place of him being on the video surveillance. Truly amazing!!
It was also important for her to remain open minded in receiving the information that Spirit had given to her, even if she didn’t know how it was going to play out. It was there, ready for her to access when she needed to.

Spirit is all knowing, all seeing.

Our humanness sometimes limits and/or judges what information is coming through and what is being said to us. Trusting in Spirit is the key to all. Trusting that maybe in that moment, that day, even that year, we may not have the complete answer.
Continuing to ask questions, to ask for clarity, more understanding, asking Spirit to relay the information in a different way, are all ways to help you access the answers you are needing. It is important to know that if it’s not meant to be in that moment,  allowing ourselves to be in awareness and knowing that we will know when it is Diving timing.
My hope in you reading this that it allows for your open mindedness and trusting the information that Spirit is bringing through for you, whether in your meditations, readings, classes, and/or healings.


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