A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that she was trying to instill in her children the concept of ‘Working Smarter, Not Harder’. This conversation came about in her household with the starting of school. The saying began ringing loudly within my head.

The concept appealed to me. I’m pretty much in a constant state of working on bringing balance into my life, trying to figure out ways to not work so hard, as well as, well, let’s face it more abundance. Who isn’t, right??!!

I started taking inventory of where in my life that I could be working smarter and not harder.

One thing became very clear to me every time I was in my house. If you know me personally, you know I have two adorable kitties. Two adorable kitties that are also very messy kitties! I bought some cardboard scratching posts that my kitties absolutely love. I’ve never had cardboard scratching posts with any other cat that I’ve had. They are wonderful for the cats to stretch their paws.

The problem with cardboard is it tears and breaks off. And then it trails everywhere. Times two for two kitties. I would sweep it up and within five minutes there would be cardboard trailed all over again. I would wind up sweeping and cleaning every day.

I had seen scratching posts that were sturdy and had rope and carpet, but they were about $15, and my frugal self said, “These others are just $5. It’s okay, you can live with it.”

Every time I walked into my family room, I would become frustrated and irritated over the situation.

“MayLynne, you can ease your frustration and irritation by spending the $15 for these amazing cat scratchers that will not only prevent cardboard remnants all over your house, they will last longer.” Purchase made! Bye~bye frustration, and my kitties love their new scratching post!

Another aspect that came to focus was wanting to teach more and be able to have time to write more. I currently just don’t have the energy or the time to be able to add more classes into my schedule and be able to write all that I am wanting to on sometimes a daily basis.

I have three reading shifts between the two stores and three days where I am doing manager work. I didn’t feel that I could let any of these working times go financially.

The pull to teach and write got stronger and stronger.

Writing is part of my life purpose. It is something that I’m meant to do, and I always felt that the right opportunity or way would just show up for me. But that wasn’t my lesson. My lesson was to move towards my purpose and do what I needed to do to make it happen.

I realized that if I was to give up one reading shift a week, I would have more energy to be able to teach ~ even a class series, and I would create the time to be able to write. I just need to stick to my writing day just as I would a reading or working shift day.

I worked on letting go of my fear that I wouldn’t be bringing in as much financially and surrendered into the gift of being able to teach and how much that I love doing that. I will still be able to do intuitive readings/counseling, as well as being a manager.

Stepping into my purpose is what I’m here to do.

We have been raised and are a society that believes that we must work so hard just to survive. Living in California doesn’t help in this matter with rent and grocery prices increasing in what seems to be each moment. But, we are all waking up and learning and discovering the idea that we can do what we love, work in our passion and be quite successful. Surrendering into that motion is the key.

Working smarter doesn’t mean that we aren’t working hard in achieving our goals and dreams, or focused on what we are doing. It just means that we are:

Working in a way that is ultimately for our highest good.

I encourage you to discover ways that you can be working smarter and no longer harder. Ways for you to discover how you can work more in your purpose and what brings you joy and fulfillment.

Happy Discovering and Magical Blessings!

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