Zip-lining Through the Fork in the Road

I stood on the wooden walkway with heavy metal attachments hanging from my waist, a helmet on and watching as those in front of me were hooked up onto a metal latch and pushed out on a wire that went to the other side of a canyon, over a deep canyon below. I was so flippin excited! I… was gonna fly!!

At the same time my humanness creeped up, I began to question “What if my latch becomes undone? What if the wire breaks? What if I get stuck in the middle?” There were seven lines we were going to do that day. Seven. Each one would get longer and longer, the last one a half a mile.

I’m not a big fan when there’s no stability underneath me, there’s nothing for me to plant my feet firmly on. But I’m also no stranger to this either. My last eight years has been anything but stable and secure. And here I was in Hawaii, about to fly for the first time. I wasn’t about to let some fear get in my way.

As I took off, I immediately felt the freedom

As I took off, I immediately felt the freedom. It was the most exhilarating feeling ever. I truly felt like I was a fairy flying and I was leaving all my fears behind!

Throughout our soul journey we have moments when we come to a fork in the road, a crossroad, in which we need to make a decision. To stay put where we are, or to move in a direction that brings us joy, passion and excitement.

No matter what that decision is: moving to a new home, city or state; getting out of an unhealthy relationship; moving in with a new love; starting school and/or development program; quitting your dead-end, exhausting job; or starting a business that has been calling your name, butterflies begin to flutter in your gut.

All these mixed emotions pop up and the humanness begins to question. “Am I making the right decision? What about my financial security? What if this is my true love? What if I don’t have the time to study or am not good enough to pass? What will my family and friends say? It’s not how I was raised.” All bound up with the idea of moving out of the unhealthy and into something exciting, fresh and new.

Anxiety and stress pops up

It can become overwhelming, scary, the perfect feeding ground for anxiety and stress. These feelings can pop up even after we have moved onto our path for highest good, causing us to doubt the very decision that has freed us.

In my own journey, I have found that not walking down the path that is for my highest good, has only led me down a darker path where nothing seems to click. My goals become farther and farther away, sometimes seemingly out of reach.

But if I move through the ego’s fear and in the direction that feels right for me, I’m moving to where I need to be. Things move quicker.

Recently, a friend reached out to me in the midst of her anxiety boiling to a point it had never reached before. I’m sharing with you what Adona has brought forward, for you to apply it to your own fork in the road. No matter what your dynamics are, I feel the words will resonate with you as well.

“Letting go of generational dynamics of standing on your own without corporate affluence. Another level of stepping out of the spiritual closet. Shields are down there are no longer boundaries and the safety of the corporate world and stability. You must rely on yourself. And as you have been successful with your mind, now you are learning to be successful with what is not tangible, cannot be touched, with the unknown. Setting a new standard for yourself and your family.

It is natural for the ego to create anxiety and fear in these moments. To doubt your decisions.

Because this… this is life changing… soul changing.

The initial empowerment wears off, like the initial sexual attraction. But remind yourself all that you have gained. What you are moving towards. There is more to this than just “sexual attraction/passion”. There is depth. And that is what the ego does not understand and is needing to learn.

You have never allowed yourself to get so uncomfortable before, to step so far out of the closet. It’s new territory and a complete new way of being. Again, only natural for anxiety to come up.

Again, we say that this is two-fold. You must understand the emotion in order to help others. It is eased with breathing, grounding and a reminder of what you are striving for.” 

~ Adona ~ Channeled by MayLynne

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